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Wesner Electronics RadioShack has new location, look and hours

Wesner Electronics RadioShack has new location, look and hours

Posted: Monday, May 3, 2010 12:30 pm

The Messenger 05.03.10
A lot of things are “new” these days at Wesner Electronics RadioShack® in Union City.
With the electronics store’s move to County Marketplace shopping center, Wesner Electronics owner Phil Wesner is also offering a new look and new hours to go with the new location.
The local RadioShack store is now located at 1700 West Reelfoot Ave., Suite 158, in Union City’s County Marketplace. Other stores and restaurants in the area include JCPenney, Goody’s, Maurice’s, Hibbitt’s, Shoe Sensation, Buckets, Los Portales and China Pan.
The store is open 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and is now also open Sundays from 1-5 p.m.
Wesner said he is determined for Wesner Electronics, as the local operator of the RadioShack franchise in Union City, to be “the best RadioShack store that any customer has ever walked into.”
“Visiting RadioShack is like visiting a small electronics mall,” he said. “You can get all your needs met in one location with skilled and helpful personnel on hand to answer questions and to help you select precisely the items you want or need.”
In addition to Wesner, the staff at the local store includes Matt Johnson, Brad Henderson, Marcus Collins and Philip Wesner.
“Our goal at Wesner Electronics is simple. We want to have in stock any item that you could find in any RadioShack in the country and we want to be able to help the customer obtain the best use from any item purchased,” Wesner said.
For home theater entertainment, RadioShack has a wide selection of AOC, Toshiba and Sylvania LCD televisions, DVD players and VCR/DVD recorders, as well as stereo and home theater receivers, turntables and a wide assortment of speakers for use indoors or outdoors.
Notebook computers have been a large part of the product mix at Wesner Electronics RadioShack for several years now, according to Wesner, who said customers will always find a wide selection of units in stock so there is no waiting for the system to be built or delivered.
Pre-paid cell phones have become another of the offerings at RadioShack in Union City, where the staff can help customers decide which carrier is best for them and then choose from a wide variety of phones from Boost Mobile, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Tracfone, Net10 or Jitterbug — whether they need a phone to use in case of emergencies or an unlimited plan with calling, text and Web access.
Tying all of the other areas together is RadioShack’s “tremendous selection of ‘Shacksessories’ for any electronics items,” according to Wesner. The store carries a wide selection of any type of batteries, including alkaline batteries, rechargeable batteries, hearing aid batteries, phone batteries, watch batteries, camcorder batteries and phone batteries. If the store doesn’t have the exact battery a customer needs, the staff can likely order it or build it.
Customers who are connecting any two electronic items can likely find the correct cable, splitter, adapter or plug to suit their needs since parts, batteries and accessories make up a large part of the RadioShack selection.
Wesner Electronics offers a variety of methods of payment, including acceptance of all major credit cards, in-house financing through RadioShack credit services and even layaway with 20 percent down and 180 days to pay.
Wesner was a math teacher and tennis coach at Union City High School for nearly 30 years before taking over the local RadioShack franchise, which he has now operated for 12 years.
“I cannot imagine a better community to live in and operate a business in,” Wesner said.
“I appreciate all the support that people in this area have shown throughout the past 12 years and this move is my way of trying to provide the absolute best shopping experience that residents of Obion County and surrounding areas could hope to have,” he said.
For more information, call Wesner Electronics RadioShack at 885-2754.

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