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Letters to the WCP Editor – 4.29.10

Letters to the WCP Editor – 4.29.10

Posted: Friday, April 30, 2010 3:31 pm

Dear Editor,
This letter is with regard to the new Tax Party and Lamar Alexander’s assault on health care in his Weakley County Press column. Are Tea Party activists against strong defense (Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard), the U.S. president, V.P., Senate, Congress, the Supreme Court (nine justices), courts of appeals (more than 150 judges), district courts (more than 500 judges), border guards, highways, etc.?
If not, who and how are they and their outfits going to be financed without taxes? From where will those senators, congress persons and their outfits who support the Tea Party to make political hay, be paid? The original Tea Party was to protest against colonial rule with taxes and used to keep grips on colony and fill British coffers.
Its slogan was “no taxation without representation,” which is no more valid in the post-independence era. That Tea Party’s aim was to attain independence with which came economic independence. The present Tea Party is tight-lipped about fast spreading economic dependence, manufacturing going to RED China (where the US has spent more than a trillion since WWII), while CEOs make millions  and workers lose jobs and homes.
The other day, a letter appeared in the Weakley County Press referring to jelly made in China. I saw Ovaltine that was made in China. Time is fast approaching when even all our food will be processed in China, thanks to our short-sighted greedy corporations who do not realize that they would not be able to sell goods if people don’t  good or any jobs. If we had succeeded in electing Ross Perot, we would not be facing high employment, foreclosures and financial meltdowns.
If the Tea Party is indeed so patriotic, it must work for economic independence, and not indulge in cheap shots at Sarah Palin (I did vote for her), instead so that we have jobs and are able to pay mortgages.
Lamar Alexander is tight-lipped about his ethics which include as governor, his appointments to the UT Board of Trustees who turned around and hired him as UT President (without a Ph.D.) on a reported salary of $134,000 when outgoing Boling was making $80,000. When the UT President tongue lashed him by Judge Gibbons  in a sex discrimination suit (Commercial Appeal) and a reported matter of a house in Knoxville.
Why do he and en bloc Republicans not present a plan to insure the uninsured and those with pre-existing conditions rather than vehemently oppose health care plan?
They are blind to health care costs which can wipe out life savings or force bankruptcy. Two years back, my wife  had a procedure and a four-hour stay in which the Memphis hospital bill was $25,000.
I had an artery to my right kidney cleaned in which the Nashville hospital bill was $25,000 for a four-hour stay.
Last month, for one procedure at Volunteer hospital, the bill was $10,000 for a four-hour stay, and for a gall bladder the bill was $25,000 for a five-hour stay. If we did not have Medicare and supplements through the state, our life savings would have been gone. If I was not covered under a state plan, my wife could not get health insurance or a supplement.
While we go to churches devotedly worshipping Christ, we do not practice his basic preachings to be our brother’s keeper, to share and look after the sick. How can we sleep sound when our neighbor is lying sick with no health insurance?
Maybe Republican interpretations of Christ’s preaching  is what they practice. Insurance companies rob Peter to pay Paul, with nothing coming out of their pockets.
If we are required to have auto and home insurance, paying for them, why should health care insurance not be required and paid by us?
That is possible if insurers are required to insure, with pre-existing conditions, and charge same premiums for individuals or in large or small groups. Heath insurance requirements eliminate abuse from people that wait to buy insurance until  they find out there is a health problem.
Republicans have supported the Marshall plan for Europe, SEATO/CENTO, foreign aid, USAID, etc., which have cost more than a trillion in years.
Why then, do they oppose a health care plan to insure the uninsured and those with preexisting conditions? Money spent on Medicaid and  charging for Medicare based on insurance formula principles can be used to subsidize health insurance for low income people with insurers required to give a discount to them.
Thank you.
Dr. M.K. Jain

Dear Editor,
Just as the effects of a challenging economy are felt by families in every community, cancer, too, has a far-reaching impact. No matter how the stock market is performing or what the current unemployment rate may be, there are still many people battling a cancer diagnosis and many others who are lending support alongside loved ones every day. These realities make the dollars donated and volunteer hours devoted to the American Cancer Society – a part of Weakley County for many years – critically important.
Local volunteers are a huge part of a nationwide effort to save lives from cancer, but additional people are needed for the progress to continue. Plans are under way for the Society’s annual fundraiser, Weakley West Relay For Life®, which will be held in the UT Martin Football Stadium Parking Lot on Friday, June 11 and Saturday, June 12. The money raised at Relay enables the American Cancer Society to deliver on its mission of helping people stay well, helping people get well, finding cures and fighting back against the disease.
Relay provides the Society with money to support vital, cutting-edge cancer research, such as St. Jude Children’s Medical Research Hospital; provides cancer patients with services such as free wigs, transportation to treatment, and free lodging at our Hope Lodge; publishes lifesaving literature on cancer prevention, detection and tobacco control; and develops a new generation of medicines that help those battling cancer.
Now is the time for individuals, families, community groups, corporations and small businesses to commit their Relay For Life team participation. Join us at this event to celebrate those who have battled cancer, remember those lost, fight back against the disease, and help the American Cancer Society realize its vision of a world with less cancer and more birthdays.
To sign up, participate or learn how you may volunteer, call 234-9197.
Mark Dowden, Chair
Weakley West
Relay for Life
WCP 4.29.10


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