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The Women’s Prayer Caravan: A vision implemented

The Women’s Prayer Caravan: A vision implemented

Posted: Thursday, April 29, 2010 9:07 pm
By: Nichole Claybrooks

The Women's Prayer Caravan: A vision implemented | Women's Prayer Caravan

WOMEN’S PRAYER CARAVAN — Members of The Women’s Prayer Caravan are (front row, from left) Nichole C. Claybrooks, Debbie Atkins, Sharis Diggs-Chandler, (back row) Sherry Martin, Eunice Ransom and Beverly Claybrooks.
Warm sandy beaches, beautiful clear blue water and our blessed Savior’s presence, this is the essence of a peaceful and spirit filled journey.
In the summer of 2006,I had the opportunity to travel to Santa Rosa, Fla., to a Watchman’s Intercessory Prayer Conference. It was there I heard great motivational and spiritual speakers. I met Christian people from all over the United States and other countries. From that experience, God gave me a vision to begin gathering ladies together from all walks of life.
I was sitting in a restaurant’s parking lot when the Holy Sprit very gentl whispered and told me the criteria for this vision he had placed within me.
I called my first friend and told her what was happening at that moment. She was very receptive and kind. She told me I should go forth with it, and from that moment on, I did just that.
I began to pray and seek God for a time and location for this vision. God sent me a very blessed place to begin our first meeting. The location was very specific in area. This area was very instrumental in the design of our caravan. It connected and bridged the gap between two cities, creating a masterpiece of significance.
After meeting and praying with several of my partners in ministry, we set our first meeting in May 2007. In December of 2009, we celebrated our two year anniversary of the Women’s Prayer Caravan.
We are a ministry for and about women and the needs of women. We are designed to minister to women who are single, married, divorced and widowed, women in an abusive relationship and women who feel like they are in a marriage by themselves.
Our spiritual advisors are Pastor and Mrs. Russell Morrow. Our goal is to travel city to city praying over personal issues and situations, city government, local school districts, churches, families, military operations and other needs that are designated by individuals in our group.
I would like to invite all ladies to come and fellowship with us. We are ministering in the cities of Martin, Milan, McKenzie, Atwood and many more to come.
If you would like to be a part of the Women’s Prayer Caravan or would like for us to come to your church or worship center, please contact Nichole C. Claybrooks, founder and director at 587-5681.
The next meeting of the Women’s Prayer Caravan will be Saturday, May 1 from 12-2 p.m., at Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, 120 South Street, Martin.
Our topic will be Women of Standard: Living Holy in 2010. wcp 4-29-10

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