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Saturday incident leaves man jailed for DUI

Saturday incident leaves man jailed for DUI
A Martin man has been charged with his 4th DUI after an early morning motor vehicle accident on South McCombs Street Saturday.
According to an affidavit filed by the Martin Police Department, Mark Milan, 38 of N. McCombs Street was involved in an accident that damaged two parked vehicles, a street sign and a utility pole.
While questioning the suspect at the scene of the accident, the responding officer allegedly detected a strong odor of alcohol.
The suspect then stated that he had taken sleeping pills prior to the accident, according to the report.
Due to the severe weather on Saturday, a field sobriety test was unable to be administered according to the arresting officer, and the suspect was taken into custody.
During booking at the Martin Police Department, it was discovered that his driver’s license had been revoked in 2008 for a previous DUI. Further investigation revealed that Milan had been charged with three prior DUIs, two in Weakley County in 2006 and 2008 and one in Arkansas in 2007.
Milan was also charged with driving on a revoked/suspended license and violation of implied consent law.
WCP 4.27.10

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