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Many make sacrifices when Guard members serve

Many make sacrifices when Guard members serve
The reserve components of the military make up nearly half of the armed forces today. In order for those forces to succeed the members of those forces must have support from their employers, local businesses, local churches and family and friends.
The members of the 168th Military Police Battalion recently needed that support. The nation called and the members answered deploying to the southern portion of Iraq performing one of the most critical missions in the military today. The sacrifices that the members made to perform this duty are unimaginable by most people today; however, they are trained to do this job. They know that they may be called and that they may have to leave the life that they know.
The community, on the other hand, is different. When an employer hires an employee, they expect that employee to be at work. They expect that the costly training that they give has a return. The banks that offer loans expect their investment will be returned so that others may be offered the same services. Local businesses suffer from lost customers as well as churches losing part of their congregation.
On Friday, the Tennessee National Guard and the 168th Military Police Battalion recognized those who sacrifice with us. The heroes of the community that do without their employees for extended periods of time; the auto mechanics that help family members of deployed soldiers with auto problems; the church community that not only prays for the soldiers but also helps the family members with spiritual needs during the absence of a loved one; all of which make sacrifices for this nation.
To honor these heroes in the local community, the 168th MP Battalion hosted a breakfast in their honor. This was one of the few opportunities that the National Guard has to recognize and thank those who sacrifice with us.
Published in The Messenger 4.26.10

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