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Victim’s family honored by UT’s Phi Beta Sigmas

Victim’s family honored by UT’s Phi Beta Sigmas
Victim's family honored by UT's Phi Beta Sigmas | Martin Mayor Randy Brundige, UT Martin, Phi Beta Sigmas
‘LOVE SHOULDN’T HURT’ – A painting in honor of the voiceless rests outside of the UTM University Center during a ceremony Tuesday honoring victims of sexual and domestic abuse while Martin Mayor Randy Brundige proclaims April as sexual assault awareness month.

Two years ago on Tuesday was the anniversary of the burial of April Kayser of Sidonia.
April Kayser’s life was cut short in April 2008 after her husband Jason, beat her so severely she suffered brain injuries and internal bleeding.
Jason Kayser pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 17 years in prison for the death of his wife.
“I wish someone would have spoke up, but God knew what he was doing and he took care of her. Her life is not taken in vain,” April Kayser’s mother said to the crowd of students and Phi Beta Sigma fraternity members on the campus of the University of Tennessee at Martin Tuesday afternoon.
She told the crowd it was two years ago that day when she buried her daughter.
“Our goal in doing this was to make sure that UTM is aware, and the community is aware as well, of the effects of abuse, physical and sexual,” Natalie Boyd, an organizer of Tuesday’s event, said.
At the request of Boyd and the fraternity, Martin Mayor Randy Brundige proclaimed the month of April as sexual assault awareness month. In light of a recent scare and threat to the community when law enforcement agencies searched for a serial rapist allegedly targeting college students, UTM Chancellor Dr. Tom Rakes said while UTM’s campus is a safe place, outside events impact everyone.
“We always tout how safe our campus is and we are, but what happens around us, impacts us all. Where you live has a direct impact on us all,” Rakes shared.
“We are a changing culture and the culture of peace is the toughest to obtain. You can’t turn your back on abuse. Silence is the worst thing you can do for someone,” Rakes said.
“Abuse is not acceptable at all and if this happens, know that you will be in jail,” Rakes added.
Students and faculty then took a walk of hope around the campus in memory and honor of victims of sexual and domestic abuse.
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