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Letters to the WCP Editor – 4.15.10

Letters to the WCP Editor – 4.15.10

Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 2:18 pm

To the Editor,
While I was watching television one evening, a congressman of supposed intelligence stated on the news how unfair Obama’s ideas were especially when 51 percent of Americans pay no taxes. I found myself wondering how many of this 51 percent live on the streets in cardboard boxes or under bridges or just out in the open.
How many who paid Social Security all of their lives live on less than $1,000 a month?
How many worked most of their lives at a job with no benefits including health insurance?
These are the people who made the rich, rich. On the other hand, how many of the complainers live in company-provided homes with company-provided servants, with company-paid utilities, with company-provided cars and fat year-end bonuses or campaign contributions, however or whatever you want to call them.
How much does the top 20 percent of Americans earn? What percentage? What does the 51 percent of non-taxpayers make as compared to the top 20 percent?
I watch these senators and representatives on television in their $1,000 suits and can only remember the stories my mother told me about her memories growing up. She spent her first eight years in Germany. Grandpa Anton got them to America just before Hitler took over Germany.
It reminds me so much of what is going on in America now. How long can you keep so many people in poverty before someone sees it as his chance – his ride to power? Does history ever cease to repeat itself?
Fred Delaney

To the Editor,
I was reading Nathan Castleman’s column. I believe in the truth. We need a man to tell what he is going to do and do it, not something else. We have got to get back to the founding fathers.
On the radio, it’s the same old thing. It’s just a mess. People today don’t care about the founding fathers at all!
But I know Jesus is watching. He knows them and all of their names.
They cannot run. They cannot hide. I believe in the liberty. I believe in fair government. I believe in the Constitution. From a good, ole’ country boy. He lives. We can face tomorrow. From a country music songwriter.
Ricky Litton

To the Editor,
I ask that you read this letter through completely, then review and consider the facts carefully. We must not dismiss the seriousness of our situation. I must begin with the definition of communism – a social system in which goods, services, and the means of production are government owned and controlled.
Let’s be honest with ourselves and recognize our governments takeover of the private sector for exactly what it is by simple definition, communism. To deny this communist takeover of our country you must either deny the very definition of communism or you must deny that our government now owns or controls our major banks, most of our automotive industry, and have now taken control of our health care system.
This is not conspiracy theory or even opinion. The simple undeniable facts are glaring you straight in the face. Our government has taken over ownership or control of over 50 percent of our entire economy. This is a communist takeover at incredible speed. These people in power are not Democrats.
They are Socialist, Communist and Marxist, birds of the same feather who have hi-jacked the Democratic Party. Regardless of your party affiliation you’re not going to like the end result of their plans for America’s future.
Don’t believe that this can’t happen to America. It is happening right before our eyes and our children’s future becomes bleaker with every passing day. Wake up Americans; use your free speech and your vote to stop this while you still have both.
David Nance
WCP 4.15.10

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