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High temps are a sign of what’s in store

High temps are a sign of what’s in store
In comparison to last year’s mild temperatures, April’s heat wave has proven significantly warmer than average.
According to Accuweather meteorologist Todd Kines, the first 13 days of April have been six to eight degrees warmer than normal. Kines said in 2009, temperatures were four to five degrees below normal.
“There is no doubt that the first 13 days of April have been unusually warmer. This is the warmest stretch for the start of this month since 2001 when temperatures were nine to 10 degrees above normal,” Kines said.
“Will it last? Probably not. We are expecting a cool down over the weekend when temperatures will drop to where they should be, 70s, and maybe even a little bit below normal for this time of year,” Kines added.
Allergy sufferers have been impacted the most by the spell of dry, hot air as the pollen count is significantly higher than average.
Even those without allergies are feeling the sting of headaches, stuffy noses and difficulty breathing associated with the amount of pollen in the air.
Kines said the weather plays a significant role in pollen count.
“Pollen count does depend on warm weather. When it’s warm and there is a lack of rainfall, the pollen count will be higher. When rain comes through the area, it helps cleanse the air and make way for cooler temperatures,” Kines commented.
The meteorologist said people in Northwest Tennessee could possibly receive a reprieve from pollen as rain is expected to move into the region on Friday, making way for cooler temperatures.
As for what is to come, Kines shared that the winter months are indicative of an “El Nino” weather pattern, but a “La Nina” has made its way into the region.
“We will start seeing temperatures above normal in the summer months, especially in late July, August and September,” Kines noted.
Last year, there was a break in humidity with mild temperatures recorded during the summer months. Kines said that trend is likely to change and Northwest Tennessee could experience a weather pattern similar to the summer of 2007.
“During May, June and July, we expect temperatures to stay pretty close to normal. But in July, August and September, temperatures may be quite a bit above average,” Kines added.
Time and weather patterns will tell how much activity the swimming pools will see this summer and how much of a reprieve the lawn mower will see.
WCP 4.15.10

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