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A Crusader’s View – 4.20.10

A Crusader’s View – 4.20.10

Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 9:05 pm
By: Jeremy Thayer, Guest Columnist

“V.A.T. – Vilify all Tyrants!?!?”
Hello once again! This week’s subject is one that is sure to surface and resurface with increasing intensity in the coming months.
With our country deep in debt and other financial turmoil, the Obama administration is looking for other ideas that they call ‘new’ to line the coffers, if not their pockets in the process.
In truth, they are just playing ‘old politics’ as usual.
A “Value Added Tax” has been proposed by various politicians and position holders, almost all of which have direct ties to the Obama administration.
Several people in Obama’s cabinet of advisors are now working overtime to come up with fresh schemes and propaganda, just like Albert’s boys, as to why we need a Value Added Tax.
For those who don’t know, a Value Added Tax or VAT for short, is simply, “A tax on the estimated market value added to a product or material at each stage of its manufacture or distribution, ultimately passed on to the consumer.” Passed on to, you know … we the people.
I was glad to learn that there are some in Washington that still show signs of intelligent life. On April 15, the U.S. Senate voted 85 to 13 to oppose the idea of a value added tax surfacing.
The resolution was sponsored by Sen. John McCain, and legally it isn’t binding. But, it is a sign that many lawmakers are worried about such legislation rearing its ugly head and catching hold. And they should be.
Just to bring up an idea of a Value added Tax proves that the heart of the Obama Administration is not with the American people.
The reason is because VAT is definitely a foreign idea.  
German industrialist Dr. Wilhelm von Siemens proposed the concept in 1918 and it was first instituted in France by the Direction générale des impôts (French tax authority) on April 10, 1954.
Today it is used throughout the E.U., the Nordic nations, India, as well as other Socialist/communist nations. To recap, A German Idea first used France to overtax the common people and used today by countries that hate America.
Sarcasm alert – sounds like a real winner to me. Yet at the same time, Obama and his buddies constantly deny allegations that they are Socialist. Hmmm … What other bad ideas came from Germany, let me guess.
Sadly, with constant proposals of Value Added Tax ablaze in the Obama Administration under Barack Obama’s command, he proves once again to be a lying politician.
The reason is because he repeatedly promised both before and after the election that his administration, under his leadership would not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $200,000.
The truth about a Value Added Tax is simply, it would raise taxes on EVERYONE.
It would create more hardship throughout America regardless of a person’s social status or the size of their paychecks.
Not to mention, it would devalue the buying power of our hard earned currency. Value Added Tax is plainly with no holds barred, American citizens paying for the mistakes that our Washington elected have made without a single ounce of responsibility falling in their lap.
If we need to bring more money in to our U.S. treasury to pay for the massive debts that our hierarchy has racked up over the years, why don’t we start by stripping every elected official of benefits, private jets, congressional credit cards and other such privileges that they DO NOT deserve.
Next, we need to get rid of overlap, unneeded programs such as FEMA, the EPA and the DOE.
Every state in our nation has its own programs of this nature. Federally run programs that supersede the states’ authority in these matters of disaster relief, environmental issues and education are gross overkill, if not unconstitutional.
In many cases, just like the three I listed, giving power back to the states where it should be would save this entire country billions if not trillions of dollars every year.  
In short, someone needs to stick a pin in our bloated balloon federal government and shrink it down to size before it expands to the point of Absolute despotism and absolute financial ruin.
It can happen, even in America.
In closing, this, I believe, is another loser idea being proposed by the Obama administration.
The Obama-entranced political powers in Washington want Obamacare to help the poor by making working familes poor.
They now want a VAT to help the nation with its debt problem by putting more working families in great debt just to buy basic necessities.
What’s next? Saving the planet from carbon dioxide by keeping us from breathing? … Or Cap and Tax?  
Or more of the pathetic displays in California, where they have caused farmers to lose everything, including some lives, by an engineered man made drought, just to feebly attempt to save a fish smaller than a sardine?
I say, we need to use carbon emitting charcoal to fry the fish and then drive your pollution-filled cars to the polls to throw these bums out!
Maybe then we’ll get ‘the change we need!’ before all we are left with is a handful of change.
To all freedom loving, American people – VAT should mean ‘Vilify all Tyrants!’
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