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A Crusader’s View – 4.13.10

A Crusader’s View – 4.13.10

Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 11:17 am
By: Jeremy Thayer, Guest Columnist

“Forced Charity?”
Hello once again!
Because the subject this week was handed to me too late to do proper research, I decided to do one of my patented pending rants about the news of the hour.
The newsworthy story that stands out to me the most is the soon-to-be Supreme Court fight against the health care bill.
Like a heavyweight match-up, we have in the left corner with Giorgio Armani trunks with faux gold trim, Barack Obama and in the right corner, the American people.
This fight is scheduled for 12 rounds of rhetoric, an endless stream of PSA’s and thrown insults.
And you can see it live on Pay-per-view at a cost of 1.2 trillion dollars.
I know that my last sets of comments were filled with satire but, increasingly so-called health care reform seems more like the circus of the O.J. trial than parliamentary procedure.
Americans from all walks of life in a vast majority are still saying ‘NO!’ to ObamaCare, even after its signature, while Washington and its goons reciprocally say, ‘Try it! You’ll really like it!’   
We, the American people have spoken about this bill and ‘We’ as a majority don’t want it!  I am glad that there are states in our Republic that are willing to buck up against ‘big poppa Gov’ to send this pile of ‘you know what’ to the Supreme Court.
In the midst of all this ruckus and turmoil, a question in my mind arises, Why do we need it in the first place? Seriously, in most every state, anyone with a condition needing dire medical attention can be serviced at any hospital throughout this entire country without bias whether they can pay or not.
Unless, of course, that hospital wants a media firestorm and a law suit.
If someone is denied medical treatment because allegedly they were poor or of another race, liberals, conservatives and other groups always come out of the woodwork to storm in protest.
The media will latch on to any such hard-luck story with the intensity of a bulldog. So again, why do we need it?
If so-called millions are dying in the streets, it is seemingly because so-called millions are not seeking medical help.
Our hospitals are there for all who need them regardless of social status. All you simply have to do is go. All American hospitals must by law, treat everyone with a legitimate emergency need whether they have money or not.
If they don’t, they can get massive fines; doctors who lose their licencing or even jail time for the medical staff involved.
Especially if that hospital accepts Medicare funding.
I certainly understand those without means needing help with chronic conditions and ailments and not finding such help.
People living daily with pain or fear of serious life threatening conditions being denied help because of red tape diplomacy, along with the increasing costs of prescription medicine.
Something should be put in place to effectively help those souls in their time of great need.
But how can ‘ObamaCare’ be under the heading of ‘goodwill’ and ‘help for all’ if almost everyone is forced to take it regardless if they can afford it or not?
It sounds like hypocrisy to me to so-called help the poor by making working families poor.
When is there such a thing as forced charity?  
I keep hearing in the media the sickening phrase, “Jesus would want ObamaCare.”
My rebuttal to that is, “absolutely not!” Jesus would want you to TRUST IN HIM, and not the false god of government!  
I believe that if we truly do have an epidemic of health denial in this country, it is in direct proportion to the amount of Jesus denial in this country.
Leaning on the everlasting arms has seemingly turned into leaning on the governmental pillars.  
Before you say it, I am not one of these faith alone believers. I do believe that God can perform modern miracles through medicine.
But, seemingly more people would rather call on their senator or other parliamentarian for their wellbeing than call upon the Lord.
Government cannot heal you, so why do we need governmental control on our health? What happened to, all to God be the glory?
In closing, the guise of health care reform is turning out to be a marathon rather than a sprint. I know that my thoughts are somewhat scattered today, but what I think I am trying to say is – invoking the name of Jesus for governmentally mandated forced charity is wrong to say the least.
We as a nation truly need to get back to the virtues of helping our neighbors in crisis and giving with a cheerful heart, but not because the government yanks our chain to do so.
Regardless of how much education our Washington friends have, they do NOT have the answer for your health needs. That answer was written over 2,000 years ago.
Jeremiah 30:17 – “For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD.”
Too bad, our 2,400 page bill skipped this one.
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