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Frazier offers funding, dress code updates

Frazier offers funding, dress code updates
When the State of Tennessee was named one of the winning states of Race to the Top, the Weakley County school system was granted money from the win and the amount now looks to be more than first projected.
In the April monthly meeting of the Weakley County School Board held last Thursday, Director of Schools Randy Frazier reported that he had received a preliminary notice that the school system would be given $400,000 or $100,000 a year over four years.
The day before the board meeting, however, Frazier received an email stating that the number had risen to $260,000 a year over four years.
“The state will be in contact with us. We’ll have to develop a plan. Our team in Weakley County will have to come together and develop an action plan and present that to the state to adhere to the guidelines,” Frazier remarked.
“It’s been a good day to be a Tennessean. For the first time in a long time, Tennessee is not in the 40s in education. We’re in the top two, so it’s something to be proud of. It attests to the work our teachers do in this district,” Rep. Mark Maddox added.
Originally, Tennessee was told the most it would qualify for was $250 million.
The state requested $501 million and, according to Frazier, was awarded every penny of the amount.
In other communications, Frazier reported having completed all of the community meetings regarding school dress code and provided the results of a survey given to all middle and high school teachers.
“We talked in our board planning meeting about some of the things we were hearing from the communities, parents and students on both of the issues, for and against. We met again as a group of administrators this week and we talked about revisions from our original plan,” Frazier reported.
Revisions include allowing any colored shirts with collars rather than the original idea of white, black and school-colored shirts. Adjustments have also been made in pants colors. The board will meet again after spring break with administrators to finalize some highlighted areas. Action will be taken in May with the first reading and the second reading will take place in June.
On the survey, about 72 percent of teachers felt the dress code would improve safety, 83 percent felt it would improve the classroom setting and 100 percent said they would support the policy if enforced.
Rounding out communications, the board voted to allow the City of Martin to place a pole with a siren on it behind Martin Elementary School as part of the city’s emergency management system upgrade.
The contractors for the project are currently meeting to draw up an easement and feel the elementary school would be a desirable location to place another siren. The pole would be 50 feet tall and would contain a panel board.
In other business, the board voted to approve the adoption of new language textbooks. These will be for second through fifth grade English, six through eleventh grade English, Spanish and French.
A list of tenured teachers received approval from the board. These teachers will be recognized at the next board meeting which will take place at 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 6 at Dresden Elementary School.
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