City of Dresden cracks down on park vandals

City of Dresden cracks down on park vandals
A recurrence of vandalism in Wilson Park is prompting the City of Dresden Board of Mayor and Aldermen to take action.
With the latest incident taking place this past weekend, the board voted to look into possibly purchasing a live-on video security system for the park.
On Monday at the April monthly board meeting, Parks and Recreation Director David Beaty reported that a sink in the women’s restroom had been pried loose from the wall and shattered and a slide on the playground had been kicked in and broken.
The sink fixture had just recently been installed.
Mayor Danny Forrester and Beaty discussed providing a key for those who need to use the restrooms, but otherwise leaving them locked.
“We want strong iron doors that have to be pushed to get in. Handles can be broken,” Beaty explained.
“We’re looking into getting a motion detector camera because we suspect most of the instances happen at night.”
Alderman Gwin Anderson recommended looking into the problem no matter the cost.
“We spend thousands of dollars to fix the park, so why not spend thousands to catch the people?” he asked.
A motion was made and passed for Beaty and Police Chief Brent Perry to get together and look at video security systems.
Alderman Mike Parrish additionally remarked that the public might offer support in catching the vandals.
In other employee reports, Water and Sewer Director Jeff Pierpoint reported that the department is in the process of purchasing a new generator.
He contacted Darryl Green of JEA and it will be an 8-10 week process.
“The control panel is up and working. It runs smoother and over time with new starters it should show a slight to moderate savings in electricity,” Pierpoint explained.
Dresden Police Chief Brent Perry reported having hired Adam Elmore as a police officer. Elmore is state certified and the police department now has nine certified officers.
In unfinished business, the board voted to go with a low bid of $5,951.65 from Jackson New Holland for the purchase of a lawn mower for the Parks and Recreation Department.
Rounding out unfinished business, Pierpoint reported that he and Public Works Director Kerry Cooper had talked to West Tennessee Waterworks and formulated a plan to improve water pressure in the Red Hill area.
Pierpoint explained there are two major water lines running up Red Hill Road and Hwy. 118.
If check valves are placed on each line with a booster pump also on Hwy. 118, the water pressure will stay up and the water tank will stay full. At least 15 more pounds of pressure can be obtained.
In new business, the board voted to go with a low bid of $50,736.50 from Ford Construction for the paving of West Main Street.
With the state health insurance plan changing, the board voted to bid out the insurance to see what is best for the employees.
Rounding out new business, the board discussed the implementation of a credit card machine for bill payments. City Recorder Jennifer Branscum reported having checked into possibilities at First State Bank and BancorpSouth.
First State Bank offers a computer/phone program in which payments are called in and no machine is involved with no cost to the city.
The bank suggested that one account be used for electronic payments and transfers be made from that account.
The bank also suggested starting out entering payments just in the office and later moving out into other places.
With the credit card machine, some fees would be assessed.
The same holds true for BancorpSouth.
A motion was made and passed to do further research and another motion was made and passed to instigate the First State Bank program to take payments while research is taking place.
In communications, Forrester reported that the state and the Environmental Protection Agency had become involved in the Bay Bee Shoe property.After being told twice to get under compliance, a $50 fee is still in place for the owner of the property.
In other news, Champion Homes just signed its lease with Calpaco extending its contract through 2018.
A letter will be drafted by Branscum, Fire Chief Paul Hutcherson and Alderman Dick Tidwell to address the issue of water pressure in the fire hydrants around Weakley County Nursing Home. A report sent out on the day of the meeting incorrectly addressed the problem and only stated what the hydrants are capable of doing, and not their inadequacies in handling fires of any substance.
The next meeting of the Dresden City Board of Mayor and Aldermen will take place at 6 p.m. on Monday, May 3.
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