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Winter weather white washes Weakley County

Winter weather white washes Weakley County
Although it was anticipated, the winter storm that hit the region on Friday left a mess in its wake and the county in a state of emergency.
Weakley County Emergency Management Director Jamison Peevyhouse said the declaration of a state of emergency came early Saturday morning when the main highways became unrecognizable with all of the snow coverage.
Overall, Friday’s storm dumped nearly nine inches of snowfall throughout the county and winds left snow drifts that proved much deeper than the actual snowfall amount.
According to the state of emergency, all citizens were advised to refrain from travel unless there was a life-threatening condition from 2 a.m. on Saturday until 6 p.m. that day.
“A state of emergency helps reduce the number of incidents that we have to respond to. Under a state of emergency, responses are also delayed due to extremely hazardous road conditions,” Peevyhouse commented on Monday.
Local towing companies also felt the brunt of the storm as they spent the weekend helping people out of ditches and off of shoulders.
Lynn Harper of Harper’s Wrecker Service said he had nearly 30 calls throughout the weekend.
Harper said the most common cause of stranded motorists was ice patches that caused drivers to lose control of their vehicles.
He reiterated what Peevyhouse noted about Friday’s impassable roads due to blowing snow.
Joe Pearce of Pearce Truck and Auto said his weekend experiences were similar to that of other towing companies as he experienced a large call volume.
“We were real busy over the weekend. Most of our calls were light; people were sliding off of the road or get too close to the side of the road and end up in a ditch,” Pearce commented.
He added that while the weekend was busy, Monday proved no exception even as roads began to thaw.
“Conditions are actually more dangerous now (Monday) because the pavement is wet. People are able to build up speed and warm up their tires on the main roads. When they hit a patch of ice on a secondary road, warm tires leave you with very little control,” Pearce said on Monday.
He advised drivers to still remain cautious as the ice thaws.
Volunteer Community Hospital spokesperson Lora McDonald said the emergency room of the local hospital saw three potentially weather-related accident victims throughout the weekend.
Peevyhouse reported between 40 and 50 motor vehicle calls were received through the county’s 911 dispatch from Friday through Sunday.

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