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Greenfield City Recorder speaks to Rotary Club

Greenfield City Recorder speaks to Rotary Club

Posted: Thursday, February 11, 2010 4:41 pm

The Greenfield Rotary Club hosted City Recorder Randy Potts at their January 18 meeting, and he gave a very informative presentation about upcoming city projects. Potts noted that Greenfield had received a grant of $71,000 for improvements to the ball fields and that contracts had been signed and work has already begun on Callins Field.  New fencing, new lights and a new fence topper are to be installed. On Pitt Field 1 there will be a new batting cage, a fence topper and a backstop net and on Pitt 2 there will be a new batting cage and a fence topper.
Potts told the Rotarians that in Dec, 2009, the city had purchased the WCMES Building for $50,000, and that the city now owns from Wimpy’s all the way to the medical clinic.  There were suggestions being made to relocate the city hall or the police department to the WCMES building, but that renovations had to be done first, and that they had applied for a 2010 energy efficiency grant for new lights, windows, doors and HVAC system.  He stated they have also applied for a USDA rural development loan to complete the renovations.  He said we will know whether we are awarded the grants sometime in the second half of 2010.
Potts told the Rotary Club that the city has applied for a 2010 CDBG grant for a water lab, to test the city’s water.  Currently the lab is located in the old Brock’s building, but the state wants them to move it closer to the raw water source, which is the wells, for more accurate samples.
Potts told the Rotarians that the city plans to apply for a “Home Grant” of a half a million dollars to assist low income homeowners with home repairs.  Awards will be announced around Labor Day.  Qualified applicants will be selected by an out-of-town committee to keep city officials from feeling any pressure.  If granted, the home grant will be a boost to the local economy, in addition to helping selected homeowners.
Potts reminded the Rotarians that the state of Tennessee was offering tax relief to the elderly, disabled, veteran and widows of veterans if they qualify.  SOME of the qualifications are that they must be at least 65 and that their household income must be less than $25,360 for the year 2008.  There are currently 75 on the program in Greenfield.
Potts told the Rotary club that three new culverts had been installed in the city at a cost of 25,000 dollars, all of which was city money.
He added that city sales tax revenues were good.  2009 revenues were $34,962 as opposed to 2008 revenues of $33,512.
Potts mentioned that the next city election would be in November, and that there are 1 or 2 aldermen who are not planning to run for reelection, so if anyone were thinking about running, Potts said the time is right.

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