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Martin residents to perform at ‘The Dixie’

Martin residents to perform at ‘The Dixie’

Posted: Thursday, January 28, 2010 4:16 pm

“Our Town” is being performed on Jan. 30 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. by the Dixie Players at the Dixie Performing arts Center in Huntingdon. Brent Harris and Jade Johnson, both students at UT Martin and Brian Johnson, a member of the UT Martin staff are pivotal characters in the production.   
Johnson portrays Simon Stimson, the music  director  whose personal demons lead to his demise.  He also plays the role of Professor Willard who knows a lot about the town. Harris portrays George Gibbs  and Ms. Johnson plays the role of Emily Webb whose lives the play follows.  This is the first time these actors have performed at “The Dixie.”
The play “Our Town,” written by Thornton Wilder is often heralded as the great American dramas and made the fictitious Grover’s Corners, N.H. an internationally famous address.  Now, more than seventy years after it was written, it is said “Our Town” is performed somewhere in the worlds every night.  “our Town” is Anytown U.S.A.  “Audiences will undoubtedly recognize themselves in the characters, attitudes and events depicted in this play,” says Cindy West, the Chairman of the Department of Behavioral Sciences at UT, who is directing this production.  The three acts mostly follow two characters, Emily Webb and George Gibbs, who go to school together in Act I, marry in Act II, and experience tragedy in Act III. “A beautifully evocative play. A hauntingly beautiful play.” said one New York Times review.Other cast members are:  Clay Barger, Jennylyn Caterina, John Caterina, Gisela Hodges, Will Radford, Brian Jones, Mike Allison, Nicole Ragnow, Kirk Towater, Judi Murphy, Emily Coleman, Jessa Potts all of Huntingdon,  Dan Webb of Bruceton, Claudia Jouett of Cedar Grove, Bobby Crockett of Holladay, Mark Grinnell, Emma Renfroe, Jill Renfroe of McKenzie, Ryan Ormandy of Paris and Amanda Coleman of Camden.
Ticket prices: $10/adult, $8/senior (65+), $5/child (-12).  
For more information call The Dixie 986-2100 or log on to wcp 1-26-10

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