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Greenfield non-profit shelter vandalized

Greenfield non-profit shelter vandalized
Greenfield non-profit shelter vandalized | Karin' 4 Kritters, Greenfield

This pit bull was found Saturday morning apparently covered in the young dog’s blood after Friday’s attack.

Volunteers at a local non-profit animal shelter outside of Greenfield remain in shock and awe after a weekend incident left one of its animals in a dire condition.

“We are fairly certain someone had to take the animals off of their leads. Somebody intentionally did this. This was not an accident,” Tabi Essary said in a phone conversation Tuesday.

Essary said the turn of events that allegedly took place Friday at the Karin’ 4 Kritters non-profit shelter in Greenfield leave her with several unanswered questions.

Essary said some time during the night on Friday, a person or persons came to the shelter and let two large dogs off of their chains – a rottweiler and a pit bull.

A young rottweiler dog at the shelter was found the next morning in a near-death condition having suffered from several lacerations, according to Essary.

The pit bull that was apparently taken off of its lead that night was covered in dried blood Saturday morning, Essary said.

“Somebody had to give them incentive. None of our animals are vicious and they get along really well together. I just don’t know what happened,” Essary commented.

The property is not fenced but the animals are kept in the rear of the property. The dog, who was apparently attacked, suffered approximately 30 to 40 stitches and had to have surgery as a result of the incident.

The non-profit organization has filed a police report with the Greenfield Police Department. Essary said they may never know what happened, but they are saddened by the incident.

A photo of the pit bull covered in the canine victim’s blood can be viewed on line at
WCP 1.21.10

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