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County Mayor speaks to Greenfield Rotary

County Mayor speaks to Greenfield Rotary

Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2010 9:10 pm

The Greenfield Rotary Club hosted Weakley County Mayor Houston Patrick at their Jan. 11 meeting at Wimpy’s Restaurant in Greenfield.  Mayor Patrick outlined several projects which are in the works in the area which may have an economic impact upon Weakley County.  Of some interest to Weakley Countians is the Industrial Megasite, a 1700 acre site in Haywood County which, if it attracts the right industry, will have a ripple effect and will benefit all of West Tennessee, according to Mayor Patrick.
Of even greater potential interest to Weakley County is the Riverport now under development in Lake County, a project that will benefit those east of Lake County, especially when I-69 is completed.
Mayor Patrick was confident that I-69 is progressing slowly but surely.  He said that a contract for construction had already been given for work just west of the Goodyear plant, south toward Troy.  He said that of critical importance to Weakley County will be the designation of Highway 22 from I-69 to Weakley County as “I-169” so that Weakley County can advertise itself as being on a major north-south interstate.
Finally, Mayor Patrick said that work would begin shortly, perhaps by May, 2010, on the 1500 foot airport extension between Martin and Union City, making the airstrip the longest in West Tennessee outside of Shelby County.


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