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Cherry’s Corner

Cherry’s Corner

Posted: Thursday, January 21, 2010 1:39 pm
By: Russell Cherry

They say that it will snow again tonight; one to three inches. One individual said today that they longed for a foot of it so maybe they would not have to come to work. Very childish anticipation!
I do not always volunteer my opinion on such matters and I do not consider myself an Ebenezer Scrooge but perhaps at the risk of sounding foolish myself, I venture my opinion concerning their point of view.
I’ve stood in the cold, dark and windy morning hours shoveling a ridge of snow higher than the grill on my automobile to get out of my driveway and to get to work numerous winters in my life-time. Snow plows have passed our home building dams of ice and snow for years and I am always happy to see and hear them pass. The downside is the fact that they sometimes open many country roads and seal many driveways.
I usually start my automobile’s engine before I pull out of the carport that I have constructed and let the coolant warm up so the defroster will keep the windscreen free of precipitation as I finally head towards my place-of-employment.
My body is usually thawed out somewhat when I search for a place to park and I alight from my fiery chariot, my warm abode and go out into the weather once again to shovel even more snow before my friends that I love very much and work with arrive; so that they can get safely into the building without falling or injuring themselves. Come Winter I arise in the dark hours of the morning and retire in the dark hours of the night.
I have passed many an unfortunate soul’s car abandoned in a side-ditch, stuck in a snow-drift or involved in a two-car or
more accident. Unfortunately people have lost their lives just trying to get to work. Christmas 2009 has passed and I can remember hearing Danny Kaye or Bing Crosby singing “Let it snow: Let it snow: Let it snow!
I realize that God made every thing and set nature in motion. I think that snow is a beautiful creation and I love to look at it as much as anyone else. I love to see an inch or two blanket the world just enough for me to appreciate what my Father has made. I will say that I believe in moderation; I don’t need a foot of the white stuff to make me happy. I love the taste to coffee, especially in cold snowy weather, but I do not drink a pot of it at one time.
Come morning folks can say, “Look what the Lord has done!” When people are having their breakfast – their morning coffee and daylight is breaking I do hope that they appreciate the good people who work so hard to keep the electricity flowing, the roads plowed off and salted , the plumbers and the ones who put their lives at risk to put out fires and enforce the traffic laws; people who are out at all hours of the night and day away from their families to help protect yours and if you should come up on a frozen snow-man, pray he is not human.
Happy 2010.
Bro. Russell.


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