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Don’t run over the wooley worms  

Don’t run over the wooley worms  

Posted: Thursday, January 14, 2010 4:41 pm

 The Messenger, January 14, 2010

From members of Obion County Ministerial Association

I rememeber an old wives’ tale from years back that reminded me, “If the wooley worms are crawlin’ early,” there will be a rough winter ahead. Well, they began crawling real early last fall!   

This always reminds me of years back when my daughter, Lisa, at an early age, was standing at the dash of the car, (back when there was no seat belt law) watching intently the road ahead.  

She very quietly asked me, “Dad, didn’t God make everything?”  

I  responded, “Why, yes, honey.”  

“Then why are you running over the wooley worms?”  

Thereafter I began trying to avoid the little creatures and at one time my wheel dropped off the road. Paying little attention to the road ahead, a state patrolman saw the action and whirled around to see what the problem was.  

When asked why I was driving so erratically I hesitated in my answer. Then, looking at Lisa, waiting for me to answer by breaking another of God’s commandments by not telling the truth, I answered sheepishly, “I was trying to avoid the wooley worms!”  

He made me step out of the car and leaned real close to check my breath!  

After my explanation, I watched him walk away, just  shaking his head and mumbling,  “I’ve heard it all now!”   

I  use this message from time to time to remind us that all of God’s commandments are important in our journey through life on a daily basis … not just when they are convenient. The commandments, just like the laws of society, were given for a purpose and too many times we can find ourselves in a lot of trouble trying to explain our actions to God when we fail to keep them.  

And if America ever needed them, we need them now!   

Rev. Terry English

Obion First United Methodist,

Obion  Chapel United Methodist and

Cobb’s Chapel United Methodist churches

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