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Weather enthusiasts benefit from new courses at UTM

Weather enthusiasts benefit from new courses at UTM
The University of Tennessee at Martin is offering a new meteorology concentration that is the only program of its kind in the state. 
Part of the Department of Agriculture, Geosciences, and Natural Resources, the meteorology program is designed to train students for a career in the atmospheric sciences and to supplement their training in geosciences.
“Successful students will be well positioned to enter graduate school to complete their professional meteorology training or to follow careers in the geosciences in which foundational knowledge in weather and climate is required,” said Dr. Mark Simpson, associate professor of geography.
Potential career fields include working as forecasters, broadcast meteorologists, research meteorologists, climatologists and meteorologists in the armed forces.
Others are as consultants in forensics, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, commodities markets, environmental planning, emergency preparedness, transportation and teaching.
Potential employers include private industry and consulting services, academia and federal government agencies.
The proposed concentration complements the existing concentrations in the geosciences as well as the existing programs in the new academic home in the Department of Agriculture, Geosciences, and Natural Resources.
The meteorology concentration will give students a solid foundation by which they can pursue the discipline further.
“It is also worth noting that many universities are starting Bachelor of Science degrees in meteorology emphasizing forecasting. The market is being flooded with “forecasters” and “storm chasers,” but the training offered at UT Martin will allow students flexibility in career choices, thus enhancing marketability,” said Simpson.
“The program is flexible enough to allow students to be trained in other avenues of geosciences while being engaged in a rigorous study of the fundamentals of meteorology. For those students who wish to pursue forecasting as a career, the concentration will be thorough enough to prepare them for the top graduate programs.”
For more information about the meteorology program, contact the Department of Agriculture, Geosciences, and Natural Resources at 731-881-7260.

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