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Union City distributor promoted with Reliv

Union City distributor promoted with Reliv

Posted: Monday, September 7, 2009 8:51 am

The Messenger 09.07.09
Obbie Herter of Union City — an independent distributor for Reliv International, a direct-selling company that provides nutritional supplements — was recently promoted to the director level within the company.
Reliv distributors reach new levels when their sales organizations meet specific sales volume goals.
“Since joining Reliv International, I have had the opportunity to have a positive and powerful impact on the lives of the members of my community,” Mrs. Herter said. “I am proud to have reached this level of accomplishment and know I will be able to continue to grow because Reliv provides outstanding support and training for its distributors.”
According to Mrs. Herter, Reliv International is dedicated to making complex nutrition simple. The company’s scientists integrate the latest nutrition research into its products that are scientifically advanced, nutritionally complete and synergistically balanced for optimum potency and effectiveness.
“Our promoted distributors, like Obbie, provide strong leadership skills and have a unique drive of energy and commitment towards our mission,” said Ryan Montgomery, executive vice president of worldwide sales for Reliv International. “We are pleased to have recognized Obbie for this promotion and are excited to see how Obbie will continue to contribute to our business and our mission to nourish our world.”
For more information, contact Mrs. Herter at (731) 335-0250.
Since its founding in 1988 by Robert and Sandy Montgomery, Reliv International has dedicated itself to making complex nutrition simple. Today, more than 69,000 distributors in 13 countries bring health and hope to thousands of families across four continents. At the heart of it all is Reliv’s mission to “nourish our world.”


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