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Tennessee Rehabilitation Center adds PAES curriculum

Tennessee Rehabilitation Center adds PAES curriculum

Posted: Monday, September 7, 2009 8:52 am

The Messenger 09.07.09
The Northwest Tennessee Workforce Board and Tennessee Career Centers, in partnership with the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center, have announced the addition of the Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES).
PAES is a comprehensive curriculum that provides training in basic career and life skills.
These skills relate to almost every type of career. Skills are taught in a systematic format that will assist vocational rehabilitation clients in becoming more independent.
PAES also serves as an assessment tool. The system determines client interest in specific work areas and competitiveness with peers and PAES identifies the best possible teaching method for helping clients learn skills. The system assesses present behavior barriers to future success and is designed to change them to positive work behaviors.
Lastly, PAES is hands-on and operates in a simulated work environment with clients following specific work procedures and work rules. Clients become employees and Vocational Rehabilitation representatives become supervisors. Strict procedures are followed so clients get the feel of real work at the same time they learn and explore new career vocational areas.
“The Tennessee Rehabilitation Center requested the home consumer science and manipulatory processing and production career development areas,” said Ann Pennell, disability program navigator for the Tennessee Career Centers. “They felt these areas would best prepare their clients for job opportunities in northwest Tennessee.”
Vocational Rehabilitation clients who successfully complete PAES will know what they are good at doing, know where their strengths are, understand and employ work-related problem solving skills, practice proper work behavior and know what careers interest them.
As clients complete the system, their representative will know what skills they can actually perform, if the client is competitive with the current workforce, what type of special assistance will be needed for slow learners and those with physical disabilities, what positive work behaviors clients have and which ones they need to develop and how to develop better transition plans with the results from the PAES program.
Steve Reese, PAES trainer with Talent Assessment Inc., provided training to staff from the Tennessee Rehabilitation Centers in Dyersburg and Union City, the Northwest Tennessee Workforce Board and the Tennessee Career Center.
“We are excited about putting the system to work,” Pennell said.

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