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Cherry’s Corner – The not-so blessed Quran

Cherry’s Corner – The not-so blessed Quran

Posted: Thursday, September 3, 2009 4:13 pm

A short few years-ago, there came to the courthouse on a regular, monthly basis a young woman whose name was Susan and she made her living selling janitorial supplies to different people in the tri-county area of Weakley. Obion and Henry.
She was a person who professed to be a Christian and had a sparkling personality, an asset any salesperson would desire. Susan usually arrived just as I was about to break for lunch and I purchased a few items from her from time-to-time.
When not talking shop her favorite topic of discussion was religion and she asked me about my faith and my personal beliefs.
One day she informed me that she was moving to New Orleans with her husband and two small pre-teen sons. She said that she had about 6 weeks before she moved. Her husband Emery was offered a good paying job in that city (before hurricane Katrina came ashore) and she felt that she could find suitable employment there also. She had met her husband-to-be while in college and the married shortly after graduation.
I told her that I regretted not meeting him and she told me the three of us and the two children would have lunch together in a couple of weeks “if I did not mind breaking bread with a Moslem.”
When I met her husband for the first time, he extended his hand in a friendly manner and I took it. I would guess be had never seen the age of 30. The weather was warm and we went to the Dresden City Park for Susan had brought a picnic basket. As we chatted our conversation turned to religion and I asked Emery if he knew whom Jesus Christ was. He told me that Jesus was a great prophet, the son of Mary and Joseph. I asked him if he thought Jesus was holy and God’s Son. Emery told me according to his holy book the Koran, God had no need of a son.
Then he asked a question of me- “How can you judge my religion when you have never read my holy book? I read from it and have been taught from it every since I learned to read and before that. Susan has read to me from the Bible but it is not the words I was brought up on. She has her beliefs and I have mine. This we agreed on when we decided to marry.”
I asked him how he and Susan married? He said in front of a judge in a civil ceremony. “ “Would you like to learn more about my religion…Emery asked?” I said that I would and he promised and later sent to me a copy of the Quran (Koran) by Marmaduke Pickthall and printed in the United States. He told me that America had millions of Moslem citizens living in the United States.
I’ve read a great amount of the book and I discovered that the creation of this world, Noah building the ark, the parting of the Red Sea, Abraham as well as many stories are found in the Surrias, i.e. books of the Koran. The Moslems do not believe in the Trinity and that there is only one God, who is “Allah,” and Mohammed is his prophet.
The stories mentioned above are not all in their entirety and they do not read like my Bible does. I can honestly say that Susan’s husband is someone I can like. As a Christian I am commanded to love everyone. One thing I do know is that Mohammed was a flesh-and-blood man and is dead and that Jesus Christ, my Lord, is alive and well and someday soon I will meet him face-to-face. Amen.
Bro. Russell Cherrywcp 9-1


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