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Deed transfers, Aug. 18-25, 2009

Deed transfers, Aug. 18-25, 2009

Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 10:49 am

The Messenger 08.26.09
The following deed transfers were filed Aug. 18-25 in the office of Obion County Register of Deeds Vicky Long.
The transfers listed exclude deeds of trust (mortgages on real estate) and any miscellaneous instruments recorded in the register’s office. The list is published in its entirety, without exception, from record books in the register’s office.
Amounts are not shown for true quitclaim deeds, or deeds in which a husband and wife divide property. Deeds conveying property to a state, the federal government or a city are exempt from the state transfer tax.
• BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP, to Larry Mink and Cheryl Mink, $9,900.
• Fraternal Order of Eagles, Union City Aerie No. 3434, to Tim Lutz, trustee, Dist. 13, $170,500.
• Bubba Osborne, also known as Silas Osborne, to James W. Strawn and Gracie Strawn, Dist. 5, $18,000.
• Hugh Stockton Adkins and Warren Kingsbury to the State of Tennessee, $1,300.
• Mildred G. Polsgrove to the State of Tennessee, temporary construction easement.
• Ralph Henson, substitute trustee, to First Citizens National Bank, Dist. 6, $120,000.
• Windrose Union City II Properties, LLC, to Union City Medical Center, LLC, $130,000.
• Windrose Union City Properties, LLC, to Union City Medical Center, LLC, $1,980,000.
• Rhonda Danielle Coleman to Mike West and April West, Dist. 6, $100,750.
• Michael J. Duffield Sr. and Tammy Duffield to Jerry Bizwell and Tammy Bizwell, Dist. 4, $56,000.
• Shapiro & Kirsch, LLP, substitute trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association, Dist. 13.
• John Kiss and Navy Y. Kiss to William Mark Cooley, Dist. 10, $197,500.
• Claire T. McCollum, trustee, to Samuel B. McCollum Jr. and Patricia L. McCollum, Dist. 2, quitclaim deed.
• Donald L. Selke and Jane A. Selke to Robert Caldwell and Micah Caldwell, Dist. 5, $270,000.
• John A. Kiss to John A. Kiss and Navy Y. Kiss, Dist. 10, creates tenancy by the entireties.
• Gary Bernier to Julie B. Bernie, Dist. 16, quitclaim deed.
• Brenda Campbell to Mike Hayes and Kathleen Hayes, Dist. 5, $1,000.
• Gwen D. Wright to Billy Thomas Flippen, Dist. 1, $11,250.
• William S. Denman and Judy L. Denman to Johnathan Denman and Britney Denman, formerly Britney Castellaw, Dist. 5, quitclaim deed.
• Gary Michael Faulkner, James Joseph Faulkner and Carolyn Faulkner to Lisa Addison, quitclaim deed.
• William Timothy Hill, substitute trustee, to Household Financial Center Inc., $58,407.95.
• Henry K. Rice Jr. and Marlyna E. Rice, trustees, to Henry K. Rice Jr. and Marlyna E. Rice, quitclaim deed.
• Micah C. Caldwell and Rob Caldwell to Ronald E. Mayberry and Betty P. Mayberry, Dist. 5, $68,000.
• Ralph Henson, substitute trustee, to Bill Morse and Juanita Morse, $18,000.
• Joe Ray Wirt and Zelmarie H. Wirt to Jerry Fox and Rosa Fox, Dist. 6, $2,500.

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