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E.W. James expands farm fresh produce

E.W. James expands farm fresh produce
In an effort to help local economies throughout its market by purchasing even more fresh produce from local farmers, E. W. James and Sons Supermarkets is expanding its sourcing of local produce with an increased emphasis on homegrown fruits and vegetables.
“We have always been one of this area’s largest purchasers of locally grown fruits and vegetables during peak growing seasons,” said Steve Legons, produce director of the Union City based family grocery chain.
“This year we plan to expand our initiative by working with local growers throughout Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Illinois and Kentucky and wherever else it may lead us.”
E.W. James local farm fresh produce accounts for nearly 30 percent of all of the fruits and vegetables sold by the retailer during peak growing season. The grocer will back the new campaign with some local “farmers market” events on the parking lots of some of their stores.
“What makes local produce in our stores different is the fact that we strive to work directly with local growers and distributors to purchase locally grown products,” said Legons,
“We like to visit the farms to ensure quality and the fresh commitment to our customers, and we like to talk about their farms to our customers too.”
Last year alone, the grocer sold apples from a local orchard in Illinois, sweet potatoes from a farm in Mississippi, strawberries from Tennessee, as well as other local farm products exclusive to some area stores.
“We want to give back to each of our local communities through programs and community outreach efforts as well as help its economy,” said Legons, noting that the local produce program is a dynamic part of that effort.
“By buying from local farms and farmers, we not only help financially with local farmers, but we’re making sure that our customers always have the freshest possible produce we can get to them.”
WCP 8.04.09

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