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Cooler air, water temps enticing for area fishermen

Cooler air, water temps enticing for area fishermen

Posted: Friday, July 31, 2009 10:24 am
By: Brent Callicott

Cooler air, water temps enticing for area fishermen | Cooler air, water temps enticing for area fishermen
 Over the past week and a half to almost two weeks, the air temperatures have been several degrees below normal, to say the least, for this part of the country. No one in their dreams ever thought most of July would have been as cool as it has been and, for the forcast down the road, the same is still expected. This also means more fishermen spending more time into the summer months on the water. This also means fish that normally slow down as far as the bite goes are still producing decent bites. The weather plays so much of a role when it comes to hunting or fishing. Fronts, high pressures, low pressures, very warm temps, very cold temps just to name a few things to consider for a successful outing. The water temperatures on Reelfoot Lake are holding in the mid-80s. Not bad for this time of the year. Another important issue is the lake water levels are much higher this year than in the last two years for sure. This also means that we have had on and off rain events. This has helped produce and keep oxygen levels in the waters on such lakes like Reelfoot and farm ponds much higher than in years past. A way you may gauge this is when the human body is dealing with very warm or cold temperatures and extreme weather conditions, our bodies tend to work differently than when the weather is what we all call “perfect.” Fish and any type of wildlife are affected, as well. When the water becomes hot and stale, fish tend to go into a slow motion stage themselves. The water levels on Reelfoot are or are just a bit below the normal level, which is far better than one year ago. The lake then was at least 15 inches below normal and getting worse. Now things are much better. I have had a crappie report that the bite is still decent on the southern end of Reelfoot (Lower Blue Basin). Also, other areas scattered around the lake where the deepest of water may be are holding bite also. Jigs are best with some being tipped with the Berkley Crappie Nibbles. The overnight air temps will determine how deep you need to fish the next morning. The cooler the overnight lows are, the shallower to fish the next day during these months. Bass have slowed but a few bites are being reported around Reelfoot. Most are fishing lily pads around the lake locating baitfish. Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and topwater frog baits good. Also, try fishing around a few of the deeper cypress trees in the middle of the lake. Trees with larger areas of shade work well. Catfishing is good also. Most of the bite is being reported by using trotlines and yo-yo’s. I would also like to say that catfishing has really picked up on the Mississippi River as of late. Low water condtions up and down the Mississippi River System with major current in the main river channel is one of the reasons. Last weekend, a few members of the Reelfoot Lake Junior Bass Club in Union City fished the 2009 Tennessee State B.A.S.S Federation Nation state tournament that was held on Kentucky Lake out of the Birdsong Resort. There were 24 youth participating in this event from all across Tennessee. The junior anglers were paired with one other junior angler from another junior state club along with one adult boat captain. Finishing second place and runnerup in the 14 and under age group was John Coble Garrett of Union City. Also fishing were Jake Lawrance and Cody Barbee in the 15 to 18 age group both in the Reelfoot Junior Club. Speaking of Lawrence, a 2009 graduate of Obion County Central High School, he signed a bass fishing scholarship with Bethel University in McKenzie. More on that next week. In the meantime, take note of Jake’s huge largemouth bass he landed on a recent trip to Gibson County Lake near Trenton. ’til next week’s report…. Catch ya on the water Brent Contact: Published in The Messenger 7.31.09


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