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Where God’s love reaches

Where God’s love reaches

Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2009 4:37 pm

 The Messenger, July 30, 2009

Written by members of the Obion County Ministerial Association

An established principle among many Christians is that God’s love is infinite and this love has created everything that is for a loving purpose and reason. As we read in the story of creation in Genesis, chapter one, at the conclusion of each day of creating, God looked at what He had created and called it “good.” Do you believe that? Everything was created with a good purpose by God.

At a church summer camp for children, one of the counselors was leading the campers in a discussion of the love of God and how this could be seen in nature. The counselor maintained that everything in nature was created by God with a purpose. The campers began to find a purpose for clouds and trees and rocks and rivers and animals and just about everything else. Until one of the children said, “If God had a good purpose for everything in nature, then why did God create poison ivy?”

The counselor gulped, and as she struggled with how to answer this question, one of the other campers came to her rescue and said, “The reason God made poison ivy is because God wanted us to know that there are certain things we should just keep our cotton-pickin’ hands off of!” Good answer.

 But if poison ivy is a part of God’s creation — and the Bible tells us time and again how much God loves all of creation — then we can say that God loves poison ivy. And if God can love poison ivy, how much more must God love even the most irritating, obnoxious, problem-causing people in God’s creation — even, or especially, the people who cross our paths every day. And what does God’s attitude toward them suggest our attitudes should be?

Dr. David Russell

Union City First United Methodist Church

420 East Main St.


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