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Loggins & Messina reunite; Paducah show scheduled

Loggins & Messina reunite; Paducah show scheduled

Posted: Thursday, July 23, 2009 1:37 pm

The Messenger 07.22.09
PADUCAH, Ky. — One of the most successful duos of the 1970s, Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina will hit the stage at the Carson Center at 7:30p.m. Sept. 5. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Monday.
Over 35 years since first “Sittin’ In” together, Loggins and Messina are again side-by-side in an unexpected and unlikely return of the most successful duo of the early-1970s — a group whose most enduring songs were so well crafted that they have never really gone away. After their split in 1977, both artists established solo careers releasing several albums each.
Though Loggins & Messina’s first Greatest Hits collection was called Best Of Friends, both men confess their relationship has long been a complex and sometimes difficult one. When they first met, Messina was already a well-established success story, having produced and played with the legendary band Buffalo Springfield and later with the country-rock pioneers Poco. Loggins, meanwhile, was a young singer-songwriter with far less experience, but with talent to burn as evidenced by early compositions like “House At Pooh Corner” and “Danny’s Song.” Then Sittin’ In (1971), originally envisioned as a one-off joint release intended to introduce Loggins as part of a Messina six-album production deal with Columbia Records, became a smash hit.
So, by public demand, this accidental duo was created. In the next few years, a series of albums would follow in rapid order — 1972’s Loggins & Messina, 1973’s Full Sail, 1974’s double-live On Stage, the same year’s Mother Lode, 1975’s cover song set So Fine and 1976’s Native Sons. The Best of Friends collection followed later that year and in 1977 another live album fittingly called Finale.
With that, Loggins & Messina, who had sold 16 million albums and become one of rock’s most popular draws, was over and apparently done.
In retrospect, the once close connection between Loggins & Messina was torn apart by the unusual nature of their working relationship and by what Messina calls a “divide and conquer strategy that’s been around since Napoleonic times.”
In the decades apart, Loggins established himself as a solo artist with a series of albums starting with 1977’s Celebrate Me Home, 1978’s Nightwatch, 1979’s Keep The Fire, 1980’s Alive, 1982’s High Adventure, 1985’s Vox Humana, 1988’s Back To Avalon, 1991’s Leap Of Faith, 1993’s Outside: From The Redwoods, 1994’s Return To Pooh Corner, 1997’s Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The Greatest Hits of Kenny Loggins and The Unimaginable Life, 1998’s December, 2000’s More Songs From Pooh Corner, 2002’s The Essential Kenny Loggins, 2003’s It’s About Time, 2007’s How About Now, and his newest children’s CD on Walt Disney Records’ Disney Pearl Series All Join In, as well as a number of soundtrack contributions.
During this period, Jim Messina recorded five solo albums: 1979’s Oasis, 1981’s Messina, 1983’s One More Mile and 1996’s Watching The River Run Revisited. Messina also reunited with Poco for the 1989 album Legacy, as well as establishing the Songwriters’ Performance Workshop whose purpose, explains Messina, “is to empower amateurs.”
Until a series of low-key benefit performances together in the middle of this decade, there had been little contact between the two men.
As for hitting the road again, both men want to celebrate the past while leaving the future an open and intriguing question. The new tour represents what Messina calls “a great and meaningful opportunity.” Loggins adds, “I’m especially looking forward to the L&M audiences. I love to see the good old friends from the 1970s, and the ones we made in 2005, too, as well as the friends I’ve picked up as a soloist along the way. This reunion proves to me that anything is possible. Now we get to see where it goes from here.”
Tickets start at $35 (fees not included). Tickets may be purchased by calling the box office at (270) 450-4444 or online at
Carson Center Box Office is located at 100 Kentucky Ave., Paducah, with hours Monday to Friday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
The performance is sponsored by Paducah Remediation Services.

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