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‘Angels’ expands program offerings

‘Angels’ expands program offerings

Posted: Thursday, July 23, 2009 2:40 pm

The Messenger 07.23.09
Angels in Recovery is expanding to add a 12-month spiritual program to its ministry.
Cindy Jackson, founder and administrator of the Angels Mission, is announcing the 12-month study program that will be offered in addition to the current six-month transitional program.
The Angel Mission is a live-in facility for women recovering from additions. They will be welcomed into the new program, as will men and women who are not part of the Angel Mission residential program. There will be a different fee for those who are not affiliated with Angel Mission, according to Ms. Jackson.
Both men and women are welcome to participate in the study, but they will have separate discussion sessions.
“Commuters” who wish to try the program for an introductory month may qualify by contacting Ms. Jackson at 885-3039 or 886-1116.
Twelve-step program principles are incorporated in all programs with which Ms. Jackson is affiliated.
The spiritual component of the new offering will deal with why there are rules, how people reacted to situations long ago and how people react today, what to do with anger and how to grow in wisdom and understanding.
Women who live at Angel Mission will obviously experience a more intense program, Ms. Jackson says. After their six-month stay at the mission, they may elect to shift into transitional living arrangements, where they focus more intensely on various skills. They may also choose to find employment.
Angels in Recovery is a facility devoted to helping those who have alcohol and drug addiction issues build bridges back into society and serenity. Only women are offered housing at Angel Mission.
For more information, contact Ms. Jackson or Marti Doss at the numbers listed above.


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