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McCreight promoted with Hamilton-Ryker

McCreight promoted with Hamilton-Ryker

Posted: Monday, July 20, 2009 11:19 am

The Messenger 07.20.09
The Hamilton-Ryker Company has announced the executive promotion of Kelly McCreight to president as a reflection of the company’s geographical growth and commitment to expansion by providing cutting edge total human resource, staffing, management and consulting services.
McCreight has represented Hamilton-Ryker since 1994 in a variety of roles.
Over the past 10 years, McCreight has served as vice president of mergers/acquisitions and senior vice president. In these roles, his knowledge and background in finance assisted with the expansion of Hamilton-Ryker in the southeastern United States.
McCreight has strategically cultivated Hamilton-Ryker into Atlanta, Birmingham, Ala., and Houston. He has played a critical role in the development of the Hamilton-Ryker internal team growing revenue in the information technology sector and maintaining state and government relations in representing the Hamilton-Ryker Company.
“During the past 15 years, Kelly has progressed from an entry-level position as a staffing coordinator to senior vice president, learning the business the old-fashioned way — from the ground floor up,” said Wayne McCreight, CEO of the Hamilton-Ryker Company. “These efforts and his knowledge have been essential for Hamilton-Ryker’s growth into new markets. We are very proud of Kelly’s accomplishments and look forward to his continuing leadership as he guides our company through the challenges of the 21st Century.”
In his new role as president of the Hamilton-Ryker Company, Kelly McCreight will maintain his focus on expanding Hamilton-Ryker through business strategy, sales and marketing. A few identifiable efforts are increasing information technology revenues and government contracts.
With his strong background in finance, financial analysis and acquisition and mergers, he will prove to be a successful president for the Hamilton-Ryker Company, a spokesman said.
“I have known Kelly all his life and watched him grow into a fine man and an effective business executive,” said Crawford Gallimore, CFO of the Hamilton-Ryker Company. “We are fortunate to have a person with Kelly’s skills, years of preparation and devotion to the company to take the responsibility of president of Hamilton-Ryker. Of this he is truly deserving.”
Headquartered in Martin, the Hamilton-Ryker Company is one of the Southeast’s largest privately held staffing firms, with over 20 locations in Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Washington D.C.
Founded in 1971, Hamilton-Ryker is a complete human resources consulting and management company, providing staffing and related functions in the professional, commercial and information technology sectors.


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