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Answers sought in domestic assault

Answers sought in domestic assault
Answers sought in domestic assault | Georgia Maness, Greenfield, Timothy Lee Miller

Domestic violence victim Georgia Maness of Greenfield
While a Greenfield woman awaits surgery, a Florida man has issued a plea to the area district attorney’s office on behalf of the victim who was allegedly attacked in May.
In a letter issued to “Mr. Tommy Thomas, District Attorney General,” dated June 12, Allen Coar of Daytona Beach, Fla. writes the charges against Timothy Lee Miller is aggravated battery, not domestic assault.
Coar is referring to an incident involving Miller and his alleged attack on 45-year-old Georgia Maness in Greenfield.
According to an affidavit of complaint, Greenfield police officers were called to the emergency room of a local hospital for a report of a woman that had been assaulted and sought medical treatment.
Maness told officers Miller had grabbed her around the throat and punched her in the face, according to the report. Greenfield Police Ptl. Troy Whitworth noted in the report that Maness had scratch marks on her throat as well as bruising on her face.
Maness received three stitches, suffered a broken nose, fractured eye socket and nasal bones, according to the affidavit.
Miller faces one charge of domestic assault for the alleged attack.
Maness said in a phone conversation that she was seeking medical treatment at a Memphis hospital and currently making arrangements for surgical repairs to her nose and eye socket.
“This letter is about the charge in this case. Based on what I have heard from the victim, Georgia Maness, and friends and neighbors the charge is very weak. The victim’s statement to me was that the attacker, Timothy Lee Miller, punched her in the face several times, broke her nose and skin of her nose, bloodied her face, choked her, leaving bruises visible to all and grabbed her forcefully in the thighs, leaving bruises visible to all. Her statement is supported by photos. This is aggravated battery, not domestic assault,” Coar’s letter reads.
Coar also noted Maness told him Miller had threatened to kill her in his letter to 27th Judicial District Attorney General Thom-as.
“The two, together, constitutes attempted murder, not domestic anything. I have a problem with your charge and I will continue to delve into the facts to determine what I can do to be sure that the criminal actions by Timothy Lee Miller are charged accurately. I expect the charges from your office to reflect the crime as committed, no matter who the victim is and no matter their social status. I hope you agree,” Coar continued.
In a phone conversation Monday morning, Coar said he finds the domestic assault charge levied at Miller does not fit the crime committed, “based on evidence in front of me.”
He added he is reacting as any concerned citizen, neighbor or friend should to the “outrageous event.”
In a brief statement Monday morning, Thomas said his office would “certainly take a look at the case in question.”
Miller was convicted in October 2007 for assaulting Tamara Rinks.
According to an affidavit dated July 24, 2007, officers responded to Poplar Street in Greenfield for a report of an assault in progress. In GPD Lt. Joey Radford’s report, officers found Rinks unconscious on the front steps of the home and covered in blood.
Rinks was intubated at the scene and later flown to an out-of-town hospital.
As a result of the incident, Miller was sentenced to six months in jail and three and a half years on probation.
He is set to reappear in Weakley County General Sessions Court Wednesday.
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