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WCSD makes meth busts

WCSD makes meth busts
Ten meth lab sites have been uncovered in Weakley County this year alone.
According to a press release issued by the Weakley County Sheriff’s Department, the total number of meth labs found in the county this year is five, while the total number of meth lab dump sites found is also five after an arrest of two individuals near the outskirts of Dresden on Monday.
Thomas “Tom Tom” E. Palmer, 32 and Jeramie Olmstead, 31, both of Dresden, were arrested by sheriff’s investigators on Monday after they attempted to elude officers, according to the release.
Deputies Steve Matheny and Jonathan McDowell caught up with the pair when they abandoned their vehicle on Chicken Road outside of Dresden after they failed to stop for WCSD Inv. Marty Plunk.
Gleason police officer David Andrews, with the help of his K-9, discovered a tank of anhydrous ammonia in the trunk of the car, a cooler containing camp fuel and other meth cooking items in the back seat, according to the release.
Palmer reportedly had lithium batteries and approximately an ounce of marijuana in his possession.
Olmstead allegedly had a small amount of marijuana in his possession, according to the release.
Both were charged with manufacture of Schedule II (methamphetamine), possession of Schedule VI with intent, possession of felony drug paraphernalia and a felony charge of evading arrest.
WCP 6.04.09

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