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Post 94 and Auxiliary holds meeting

Post 94 and Auxiliary holds meeting

Posted: Thursday, May 21, 2009 4:49 pm
By: Hyla Richardson

Fifteen days after April’s Fool Day, some of the members of American Legion Post 94 and Auxiliary Unit 94 met. Commander Jackie Damell opened the meeting by asking Chaplain Charles Smith to express a prayer that was followed by the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Everyone enjoyed the scrumptious dinner that was prepared by the excellent post cooks. In addition to the food provided by the post, some of the auxiliary ladies put the finishing touch to the dinner.
Post Commander, Jackie Damell, was back after having been unable to attend the previous month. His treatment has been changed and he is able to tolerate it much better than the treatment he was first given. It is hoped that he continues to improve and is later found to be free of cancer.
Following the dinner, the two groups held their meetings. President Sandra Klutts called the auxiliary meeting to order and asked Janice Alford to give the devotional.
Secretary/Treasurer Shirley Alexander gave the two reports and each was approved as given.
President Klutts reported that four Girls State applications had been received. Rebecca Moore and Colleen Perkins were selected to attend Girls State with Taylor Caldwell and Precious Turbeville the alternates. All of the four have excellent grade point averages and should represent Unit 94 very well. After the delegates return from Girls State, they will tell the auxiliary members of their experiences there. Also it would be helpful to the auxiliary if they would tell the junior girls next year about their activities while at Girls State. In doing so, it might be helpful when the eligible junior girls are approached next year about going to Girls State.
Rebecca Moore is the daughter of Ken and Sue Moore; Colleen Perkins’ parents are Ronald and Deborah Perkins; Taylor Caldwell is the daughter of Ricky and Linda Caldwell; and Precious Turbeville’s parents are Keith Turbeville of Dresden and Sheila Turbeville, also of Dresden.
It was good to see some of the members who haven’t been attending the meetings on a regular basis and it is hoped that they will be there next month. There are some members who are experiencing health problems and a speedy recovery is wished for them. Some of them were faithful and took active parts in carrying on the work of the auxiliary.
The number of Legionnaires attending their meeting was 24. Some of their members are having medical problems. Among that number are Keith Dublin, and Daniel Vitale. May their health soon be back to normal.
Commander Dameil appointed Tom Call, Kenneth Gatewood, and Larry Tackett as a nominating committee to recommend members to serve as officers of the post for the Legion year of 2009-2010.
A moment silence was observed in honor of John W. Burt who recently died.
Memorial Day will be observed on May 25 and there will be a service held on the courthouse lawn that morning at 11 a.m. to honor those who gave their lives in service to their county.
Adjutant Tackett is still hoping that the goal of 220 can be reached before the deadline and only a very few are needed to reach that goal. It is hoped that he will not be disappointed and those few will pay their dues.
Service Officer Keith Dublin reported to Commander Damell that the Mayfield and Jackson VA clinics are open to serve patients from this area. The clinic in Dyersburg is in the planning stages.
The next monthly meetings of Post 94 and Unit 94 will be at 7 p.m., May 21.

Hyla Richardson wcp 5-21


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