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Scottish singing sensation gets dye job, makeover

Scottish singing sensation gets dye job, makeover

Posted: Monday, April 27, 2009 8:01 pm


Associated Press Writer

LONDON (AP) — What’s next, a fake tan?

Britain is buzzing over singing sensation Susan Boyle’s mini-makeover, with some worrying that her new look may cost her some support in the “Britain’s Got Talent” competition that catapulted her to international stardom.

Boyle, 47, became an instant YouTube and Internet celebrity after appearing on the British TV show with gray frizzy hair, bushy eyebrows and a jowly face above a remarkably unflattering dress. The contrast between Boyle’s un-adorned looks and her angelic singing voice endeared her to viewers the world over.

But on Friday, Boyle appeared on the cover of The Sun tabloid sporting freshly dyed and styled brown locks and newly shaped eyebrows.

While no one could accuse Boyle of turning into a WAG — as the highly stylized Wives and Girlfriends of England’s wealthy athletes are called — the difference was shocking.

“Compared to what she had, it’s a 200 percent improvement,” said Toni Jones, assistant fashion editor of The Sun. “But our readers think this is as far as she should go. We want her to stay one of us, not get hair extensions and a fake tan.”

Jones praised Boyle for getting a 35-pound ($51) hair cut at a local salon near her home in Scotland rather than trekking to London for a 200-pound ($295) cut at a celebrity salon.

But Max Clifford, Britain’s most prominent publicist, called the makeover a major risk because it could jeopardize the phenomenal connection between Boyle and her worldwide audience.

“Keep her as natural as possible for as long as possible,” said Clifford. “It’s more about protection than promotion. She’s got the voice. She has to make sure that the person people all around the world fell in love with remains the same.”

In addition to the new haircut, Boyle has also upgraded her wardrobe. Instead of the plain beige dress she wore on her first TV appearance, she was recently photographed wearing a stylish black leather jacket and what appeared to be a Burberry scarf.

Judges of “Britain’s Got Talent” will decide May 23 whether Boyle gets through to the next round. Britain’s bookmakers have made her the firm favorite to win the competition.

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