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He is still risen!

He is still risen!

Posted: Friday, April 17, 2009 8:25 am

 April 16, 2009

Written by members of the Obion County Ministerial Association

During both Easter morning services at our church, it was said from the pulpit, “He is risen!”

Worshippers responded, “He is risen, indeed!” 

The good news is that Jesus Christ is still risen.

In our post-modern age, one has to add that Christ has risen from the dead, and He will return, regardless of human preferences, beliefs or understandings. 

A recent study by the Bama Research Group reported that a majority of people who profess to be Christian do not believe in the existence of the devil or the Holy Spirit. Their profession to be Christian is hard to understand, since people come to Christ as they are drawn to Him by the Holy Spirit. To deny the existence of the Holy Spirit is to deny the existence of the God of the Bible. As for the existence of Satan, the Bible reports that Christ spoke to and about the devil. If Jesus was in error about the existence of the devil, it is not clear how can we trust Him with the salvation of our eternal souls.

Have we become too clever to believe in, and be directed by, the Biblical account of Christ, the cross, the crucifixion and His resurrection? Have our minds expanded to such an extent that we believe that all of the challenges and problems that have been caused by human error and falleness, can be solved exclusively by human ingenuity and effort? 

Human reasoning is at best fatally flawed. The best and brightest minds on Wall Street and in the nation’s premier banks coupled their efforts with a legion of Ivy League-trained economists to produce the greatest economic train wreck in generations. No one in national leadership has called for a season of prayer. Surely, if what is printed on the currency were true, “In God We Trust,” it would have occurred to someone in Caesar’s palace to direct the people of the country to call on God for mercy, grace and deliverance. 

In the current embrace of the misunderstood notion of separation of church and state, there is a tragic refusal to believe that God has the power to resurrect us from the messes our best minds have created. Among those for whom human reasoning is supreme, Easter is a quaint tradition, an excuse to buy new clothes and an opportunity to overdose on chocolate formed in the likenesses of rabbits and eggs.

However, in this Season of Resurrection, there is something that stirs in the heart of the redeemed. Actually, in the heart of the redeemed, it is someone who stirs. It is God in the Person of the Holy Spirit. The children of God recognize His touch. The Holy Spirit refreshes our awareness of the reality of Christ crucified, resurrected, ascended and returning. He displaces anxiety with the certainty of God’s Word. The Holy Spirit bears witness that Jesus the Christ is still risen …. He is still risen, indeed.

Dr. Doy L. Daniels Jr.

Union City Cumberland Presbyterian Church

631 East Church St.