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Clarendon Chapter marks church

Clarendon Chapter marks church

Posted: Friday, December 26, 2008 10:02 am

The Clarendon Chapter, Colonial Dames XVII Century, placed a historical marker Nov. 22 on the Jerusalem Cumberland Church, on the outskirts of Murfreesboro. Chapter President, Mrs. Ernest T. Logan, gave the welcome and introduction of guests. She also serves as Tennessee state chaplain and gave the invocation for the marking. Tennessee Second Vice President Carolyn Stricklin led “The Star Spangled Banner.” The pianist was Mrs. Gene Jordon. Honorary president general of the National Society CDXVII Century brought greetings. Tennessee State President, Mrs. J. Kenneth York, brought greetings from the state society. Mrs. Neal Odom, historian of the Jerusalem Cumberland Presbyterian Church, gave the historical address. She said, “This church was organized in 1840 on the site where the present church is located. It was used for a school and church for many years. The second building was built in 1867. The Masonic lodge used the upper floor for a meeting place after 1869. The pulpit that is used today was from the Masonic lodge. The present building was built in 1906. It was a large one-room building with benches on each side and an aisle in the middle. A heater was near the front that burned wood. There was a very long pipe that went up through the ceiling to the chimney. The building would get warm about the time church was over. The windows were frosted with heavy wire over them for protection and to keep out bugs. The lower part of the wall and the ceiling were wainscoted with pretty wood. The upper part was papered but now has sheet rock and is painted. The front of the building has four steps up to the door. Two solid doors were in the center with windows over them. Kerosene lamps were used for light. There was one large lamp over the pulpit and two on each side that were pulled down to light. In the center was a chandelier with 10 kerosene lamps. In 1945 the church was wired for electricity and is used today. The outside had white clapboards at first, then vinyl/siding and now has aluminum siding. The Rev. Thomas Buchanan was pastor in 1900.” Tennessee Honorary State President and State Chairman of Historic Sites, Mrs. H. E. Cantrell, presented the marker. Mrs. Logan, Clarendon Chapter president, unveiled the marker. Accepting the marker was Jimmy Francis, clerk of the session, on behalf of the Jerusalem Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Chaplain of Clarendon Chapter, Mrs. James Mason, gave the benediction. wcp 12-25-08


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