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The Christmas Kenosis

The Christmas Kenosis

Posted: Wednesday, December 24, 2008 11:09 pm

Written by members of the Obion County Ministerial Association
What in the world is kenosis, Christmas or any other kind?
Kenosis is Greek for “pouring out,” as when Christ poured out, or emptied Himself, of the privileges of divinity, though retaining all the essence and power of divinity. He became like us, so that we could become like Him. But the point for us, at this moment, is about Christmas kenosis, being “poured out” at Christmas time.
Christ, the gift of God’s own being in the form of God’s only begotten Son, “poured out,” interrupting human history to inaugurate redemptive history. There is something irresistible about immeasurable greatness and boundless sovereignty coming in absolute vulnerability and profound humility as the babe in a manger. The irresistible, almost-un-nameable element is God’s own pure grace bestowed on us, the highest form of God’s creative work, the only ones capable of breaking His heart.
The often overlooked message of Christmas is that God has called, and continues to call, us to our own kenosis in which we pour out ourselves for others in the name of Christ and for the glory of Christ. We take a moment and give up some of the privileges and blessings the world has given us to reveal the gifts and blessings God has given us.
In sending Christ His Son, God the Father gave to us from His heart. It is from the heart that a Christian gives to others the light and love of Christ, the mercy and grace of the Father and the warmth and care of the Holy Spirit
As Christians we cannot turn our backs on the condition of others, including those unknown to us, for they are known and loved by God. We are ever mindful that God did not turn His back on us, even when in our foolishness we would have preferred He had left us alone. We reach out to others in the name of Christ because the Father reached out to us in the person of Christ.
From the manger, we see the Cross. We see the ultimate kenosis of Christ. Through the noise of the season, we hear the voice of our Savior calling us to love Him by loving others, to serve Him by serving others, and to give to Him by giving to others.
This is His season; this is our kenosis.
Written by Dr. Doy Daniels
Pastor, Union City Cumberland Presbyterian Church
631 East Church St.


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