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The Sharp Edge

The Sharp Edge

Posted: Thursday, December 18, 2008 1:27 pm
By: By Tracy Sharp, Managing Editor

As is a tradition in our neck of the woods, we will be delivering Letters to Santa in next Tuesday’s edition of The Press. These letters are always heartwarming. You can tell when the kids actually wrote them or when their parents helped them out. This year, High School Musical seems to be a popular theme in the letters to Kris Kringle as is Wii. There was one letter that caught me eye this year. Obviously the letter was written by an adult in neat block lettering for a two-year-old named McCall. There were no toys requested, no talk of milk and cookies. The letter was simple and I quote “For Christmas, I would like to have potatoes, macaroni and cheese and Cheetos.” I had to read the letter again. And there was also not a phone number or an address. I’ve thought about this letter for the better part of the last 24 hours. I’ve wondered where this family is and even made some inquiries into who they might be. Because I think Santa might stop by the newspaper this year and I’m pretty sure he can swing a bag of potatoes, some mac and cheese and some Cheetos. I can put in the good word as I kind of know that he’s a pretty good guy. Even in these times of uncertainty, it’s important to see that we are blessed. And, despite what we may think, we are in this world together whether we know each other or not. As Christmas is more than just who has the fanciest tree or the most expensive gift, I hope that we can share this holiday as a time of peace and fellowship. If only we could hold these feelings all year long, as I think that’s the reason for the season is about unconditional love. It’s important.


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