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Weakley County Rehab & Nursing

Weakley County Rehab & Nursing

Posted: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 3:05 pm

The residents had a wonderful family dinner on Saturday night. We had so many family members and friends with us to help celebrate the festive occasion. Everyone brought in delicious side items and desserts to accompany the turkey and dressing prepared by the dietary department. Everything was scrumptious. Santa Claus even made a special visit surprising us all! The entire night was wonderful, and we look forward to the 2009 dinner already. This week’s cover card winners were Leola Rawls (twice), Lillian Melton, Inez Spence, Alberta Barker, Larry Wilson and Mavis Insco. Of course each of the participants is a winner on Thursday with one-line bingo. The players each took a turn at the prize bin as they shouted, “Bingo!” We had games on Tuesday morning. Residents were introduced to our newest items including lots of board games and the new Wii system that was donated to our facility. They had a great time and showed a lot of promise for upcoming competition. The sports competitions continue to heat up despite the cooling weather outside. Margaret Green finished first at the basketball shootout with only one basket separating her and Agnes Anderson. It was a close game all around with lots of points scored by all. Lillian Melton was our ringer at the ring toss game. Her very close runner-up was Nancy Mansfield. Residents gathered to write Christmas letters on Thursday morning. They had free range and help given as needed. Some letters were sent out to family members and some addressed for Santa’s eyes only! This week’s social hour was a very tasty treat. The residents snacked on white and chocolate cupcakes while they visited with each other. The cupcakes were scrumptious but the fellowship was even better. First United Methodist Church of Dresden was with us on Tuesday afternoon. They always do a remarkable job, and we cannot say enough about how wonderful they all are! Siloam Baptist Church was with us on Wednesday night for their monthly program. They are always so kind and do a super job with song and service. Mr. Whiteman was with us on Wednesday morning for Bible study. He is such a dedicated volunteer and such a blessing to our facility. Meridian Cumberland Presbyterian Church’s Youth Group provided a terrific Sunday afternoon program for our residents. They had a puppet show, caroling and passed out Christmas gifts for all the residents. Macedonia Church of Christ and Dresden First Baptist Church conducted our Sunday morning services. They are so thoughtful and do a splendid job. We are so grateful to each one of our volunteers for their continued support and the strength they bring to our activity program. Donations have been made to our facility from Bible Union, Carl Perkins Center, Nana and Pop, and Oak Grove Church. Many cards and well wishes are being sent in and so much appreciated by the residents at this holiday time.wcp 12-18-


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