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Stations pulled

Stations pulled

Posted: Friday, December 12, 2008 4:20 pm

 The Messenger. 12.12.08

Several local residents informed The Messenger today that Charter Cable Company has removed Channel 3 (WREG-ABC, Memphis), Channel 4 (WMC-NBC, Memphis) and Channel 5 (WTVF-CBS, Nashville) from its lineup.

One reader said he contacted Charter about the situation since he will not longer be able to watch the Titans and see Nashville news, much of which pertains to political decisions being made on Capitol Hill.

He said Charter informed him to call City Hall and let officials there know the change has made him upset.

City manager Don Thornton told The Messenger this morning he was unaware the stations had been pulled from the lineup and is unsure there is anything the city can do about it. “We don’t have any control over the cable lineup,” he said, adding he plans to call his contacts at Charter to find out why the stations were removed.

Charter officials were unable to be contacted at press time.

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