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Posted: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 9:05 am
By: By Judith Wolfgang

Christmas will soon be upon us. I like the simple ways of celebrating Christmas using Christmas stamps on all my mail, including bills I pay through the mail. I like a simple Christmas wreath on the door and candles lit throughout the house when people come to celebrate Christmas with you. I like enough decorations, but not too many. This Christmas I plan to give well thought-out gifts, but also practical gifts. But what I like most about Christmas is that it is the birth of our Lord, the simple, but beautiful birth of Jesus Christ in the form of an innocent baby. The baby Jesus was so pure, so tiny, so much as amazing creation by our Heavenly Father. This Christmas, I wish for you a simple Christmas, but most of all I wish for you a heart-felt blessed Christmas, one in which you remember the awesome God who loves you and created you. God bless you each and everyone. wcp 12-9-08


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