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The Gift

The Gift

Posted: Thursday, December 4, 2008 9:52 pm

Luke 2:8-17 This could have been the first Christmas rush to find the gift that God had promised through His angel. This gift is a gift for the whole world, a Merry Christmas to those who have it, may they rejoice, and to those who do not have it, it is there for you to open and see the joy of knowing Christ our Savior This is the Season of the Gift We celebrate the season of Christmas and it is wonderful thing there is something special about the Christmas season. We sing beautiful music, we watch Christmas movies, plays, we read many stories, we eat delicious food, we share gifts, we fellowship with friends, there are family times that are so great also. This helps us enjoy the season so much and we have so many memories of past Christmases, even though there can be a sadness of a loved one or friend that has gone on before us. These men as they lay in the fields had none of these; they were working, tending to the sheep. It was a clear night maybe a cool night and they were gathered around a fire talking, resting, but it was their Christmas season and they did not realize what was about to happen. The angel appeared and made the announcement of the gift. There are those who are searching for the Gift The Christmas season brings about a time of searching for the right gift, sometimes for the person who has everything and nothing seems to work. We look and we look and even may come away from the store without buying anything, simply because it will not work, it is not what we want for that special person. When we hear of a great sale that is about to happen or is happening, we go there expecting something great, something that we think will be a gift that will make someone happy, something just right. The gift of Jesus was a gift to the whole world and it was just what was needed then and is needed today. Listen to the announcement of the gift by the angels, For unto you is born this day … Christ the Lord. This gift was to be found in the city of David and the sign was a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger The response of the Shepherds: After the things that was announced to the shepherds, {v:15} the shepherds said to one another. Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord has made known unto us. The gift was found They came with haste and found the gift, the babe lying in a manger. There are those who are sharing the Gift Many times when we receive a gift we are excited about the gift. The Shepherds were excited about the gift, {v:17} they made known abroad the saying which was told then concerning this child. A Merry Christmas can be had for those who have never received Christ, just by believing, also a Merry Christmas can be had for those who have received Him and are willing to praise God for the gift and give the gift of Jesus to someone else. It is the gift of eternity. Have a Merry Christmas in Christ. The Rev. Jerry Leggett Associate Pastor Second Baptist Church, Union City Published in The Messenger 12.4.08


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