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Floyd offers new face in county government

Floyd offers new face in county government
Floyd offers new face in county government | Weakley County Trustee, Donald Doster, Marci Floyd

Trustee deputy Lori King, Trustee Marci Floyd and deputy Linda Pettit
With a fresh face gracing the office of Weakley County Trustee, the processes to collect taxes are looking to undergo a transformation as well. Marci Floyd was chosen by Weakley County Commissioners earlier this month to replace retiring Donald Doster. Doster held the post for 18 years before he retired as Weakley County Trustee. “By working in an environment where meeting deadlines are a daily requirement, I know that dedication and organizational skills are key elements in maintaining an efficient and productive office. If you are looking for a hard working, dedicated individual who is willing to go the extra mile to complete and surpass the goals set forth by you and the citizens of Weakley County, I am that person,” Floyd said in a letter to Weakley County Commissioners. Floyd is a resident of Greenfield and brought her experience as the county’s deputy director of finance to the trustee post. “My goal is to update the office and bring forth some new technologies that have not been used in the past.” Floyd said in an interview. She said the relationship she has developed with trustee deputies Linda Pettit and Lori King has exceeded all of her expectations. “I could not ask for a better working environment. I am fortunate to have them on board,” Floyd added. She has already requested a credit card machine for the office and has installed two new computer systems. Floyd also plans to request a tax relief percentage for people who pay their property taxes early. Since taking office Nov. 1, Floyd has left the doors of the office in the courthouse open to invite people inside. The office’s stamps have been changed over to “Weakley County Trustee” as opposed to having the trustee’s name listed on the stamp. Floyd said that step would save money years to come as the office transitions to new members. Cross-training between staff members have already taken place as Floyd opts to ensure everyone within the trustee’s office learns one another’s daily responsibilities. With a slate of “big dreams,” Floyd said her ideas to save the office and county money in the long run has been a top priority. Floyd also shared a list of ideas for county taxpayers by opening up communication between the office and property owners. “I hope to set up community outreach programs at different locations outside of the office for informative discussions with tax payers,” Floyd said. The new trustee said there is a state tax relief program for elderly and disabled that would not cost the county any money and at the same time, save money for certain tax payers. As a service to property owners, Floyd said she hopes to open the office on Saturdays throughout the month of February to help those who cannot make it to Dresden during work hours. With the current energy crisis this will have to be evaluated to see if it is cost effective. Floyd is expected to hold the trustee’s post until 2010, when the position is up for election. Until then, her vision for the office remains steady and on course to benefit not only the county budget, but county tax payers as well. As for seeking the office in 2010, Floyd said she plans to officially run on the ballot for Weakley County Trustee. “I had too much respect for Doster to run against him in previous years and I wish him all the best,” Floyd added. But the new trustee shared that she is not alone in her efforts for changes within the office. She commended the experience and professionalism of the two women that share the office with her and cited that “it’s a team effort” at the Weakley County Trustee office. For information or questions concerning tax relief or property taxes, call the office at 364-3643. WCP 11.25.08

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