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Honoring those who have served

Honoring those who have served

Posted: Thursday, November 20, 2008 4:04 pm
By: By Hyla Richardson

On the evening of Veterans Day, American Legion Post 94 was filled with those who were paying tribute to the many servicemen and women who have served our country. The monument that is located on the southeast corner of the courthouse lawn in Dresden has lists of names of those who gave their lives while serving in different wars in which this country was engaged. The present war has added a number who have given their lives in service. Honor and gratitude should be given to all who gave their lives in service to this country and those whose lives have been tragically changed as a result of war. The speaker for the occasion was James Wilson, minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Dresden. He is a veteran who served in the army during the Vietnam War. Among his remarks was a list of the freedoms that we enjoy. He also stated that someone has to pay the price and that lives are sacrificed. He gave credit to George Washington, our first president, who set an example for other presidents to follow. According to Wilson, there are 1,000 of the “greatest generation” who served in World War II dying each day. William H. McClain’s funeral was Tuesday afternoon. He was a member of Post 94 and faithfully attended as long as he was able. He had 34 years of military service. Seven other members of Post 94 died since Veterans Day of 2007: Thomas A. Nolen, George A. Webber, David A. Fisher, Joe D. Taylor, Mitchell B. Mansfield, Paul E. Howard and Cazz Greenup. Veterans Service Officer Keith Dublin will have two more stints put in to correct the heart problem. Sam Young, a Post 94 member, is in Jackson Madison County General Hospital to have tests. It is hoped that the health of both will soon improve and they will be back to normal. Brian McWherter entertained the audience with two patriotic songs. The post and the auxiliary each gained a member. Jack and Alma Ford became members and the legion, and the auxiliary heartily welcomes them and hopes they will be faithful in attending the meetings. Alma is the mother of auxiliary member Kay Wright. A warm welcome would be extended to any new member in either group. All members are encouraged to attend regularly. Several members who were faithful attendees are not able to attend the meetings and they are missed. The next meeting will be at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday evening of next month. Please make an effort to attend.wcp 11-20


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