‘Annual’ event: Library seeking old yearbooks

‘Annual’ event: Library seeking old yearbooks

Posted: Thursday, November 13, 2008 8:55 pm
By: Glenda H. Caudle Special Features Editor


Special Features Editor

It’s sort of an “annual” thing — unearthing year books from local high schools in attics and basements around the community.

And it’s sort of a library thing — offering them a safe, new home.

Recently local radio personality Paul Tinkle of Martin found two of the antique volumes just before they were, literally, trashed. The 1925 and 1926 copies of the Union City High School yearbook — or annual — had belonged to his aunt by  marriage — the late Bernice (Lovelace) Wiley, and her sister, the late Elizabeth (Lovelace) Duke Bramham.

Tinkle handed over the volumes, which are still in very good condition, to librarian Pat Thompson of the Obion County Public Library and got a nice reward for his effort — a look at the other yearbooks that have been donated. The library is making an effort to collect as many of the books that tell the stories of “school days” in this area as possible, right up to present day volumes. (A list of books that are missing and being sought follows.)

Tinkle and Ms. Thompson are now united in their goal of alerting area residents to keep an eye out for the missing volumes in the collection. Those that have been donated to this point are carefully catalogued and are kept in a secure stack at the library. Anyone who would like to view them may ask at the information desk for assistance, Ms. Thompson said. The priceless volumes cannot be removed from the library but can be enjoyed there.

“Something like this is truly important to Obion Countians and we can’t get this history source anywhere else. Anyone who has one in their attic or basement, please know that we would love to have it,” she said.

Tinkle said Mrs. Wiley was married to his uncle, the late Ewan Wiley. For many years, she was the “draft” lady, working at the selective service office. She died in 1996. Her sister was the widow of both David Duke and C.R. Bramham. She died in 1997. 

Tinkle had cared for the sisters in their later years and found the books when he was going through items they had left behind. When he realized how 


much he was enjoying reviewing the old yearbooks and finding photos and information about people he had known or heard stories about as he grew up, he knew other Obion Countians or those with connections to the area would relish the same activity. He was delighted to learn the library had already made a start on the collection and would welcome the volumes that needed a new home. “I’d like to challenge everyone in Obion County to begin looking for the missing volumes and to donate them to the library,” Tinkle said.

“We want to thank Paul for his good eye and his forethought in seeing these books for what they are. These are true treasures. They tell stories nothing else can tell for Obion Countians,” Ms. Thompson said.

The editions being sought include: 

Union City High School

1920, 1922, 1928, 1931-37, 1943, 1953-55, 1957-60, 1962, 1964-65, 1969, 1971, 1973-80, 1983-84, 1986-87

South Fulton High School

Volumes published prior to 1954 and volumes from 1955, 1957-60, 1962, 1964-65, 1968-82, 1984-86, 1988-90, 2007

Obion County Central High School

1962, 1965-66, 1969-70, 1972, 1974-75, 1978, 1984-85, 1991, 1999, 2005-07

Miles High School

All volumes are needed

Dixie High School

Volumes published prior to 1952 and volume from 1959

Kenton High School

Volumes published prior to 1966, 1969-74, 1983-86

Woodland Mills High School

Volumes published prior to 1958

Mason Hall High School

Volumes published prior to 1958 and volume from 1960

Cloverdale High School

Volumes published prior to 1956

Troy High School

Volumes published prior to 1953 and volumes from 1954-58, 1960

Hornbeak High School

Volumes published prior to 1949 and volumes from 1953, 1955, 1959

Obion High School

Volumes published prior to 1939 and volumes from 1941-45, 1947, 1951, 1953, 1955-60

Rives High School

Volumes published prior to 1958 and volume from 1960

Volumes from any other schools that educated students in Obion County
Published in The Messenger 11.13.08

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