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Letters to the Editor — Our readers write

Letters to the Editor — Our readers write

Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 9:28 pm

  Postal worker

deserves praise

To the Editor:

For 29 years, Marilyn Blevins has been employed at the Union City Post Office and has been our rural mail carrier.

A few months ago our mail was not being delivered as it has been in the past, for instance, wrong mail in our box and different delivery times. As a concerned customer, I called the post office to inquire about this.

When asked if Marilyn had quit, retired or was ill, I was told she just wasn’t there and offered no explanation. I decided to call Marilyn and she told me she had been dismissed. It is my understanding that a long-time customer had asked her to fill out a change of address form for his disabled father’s mail to be delivered to his box instead. Evidently, this is considered a criminal act and subject for dismissal. 

Maybe Marilyn did break a postal rule, but I hardly think it was a reason for such harsh punishment. After all, she was only doing a favor for a customer and had nothing to gain for herself by doing it.

She has been off work for five months without pay or benefits. I wrote the postmaster a letter asking for an explanation and to let her know her customers were upset.

Since my letter was never acknowledged, I called the postmaster to ask what we as customers could do to get Marilyn reinstated as our carrier. She offered no explanation and I was told it was against company policy to reveal any information.

Thankfully, last week Marilyn returned to her job and I’m not exactly sure who to thank for this but more than likely it was the postal union.

My question is why this could not have been resolved sooner and on a local level. Marilyn has a personal relationship with a lot of her customers and is highly respected. I think this should count for something and she should be compensated for her loss. If you are fortunate to have Marilyn as your rural mail carrier, I urge you to let her know how much she is appreciated.

Better still, call the postmaster or her supervisor and express your views. Welcome back, Marilyn; your customers missed you.

Brenda Brewer

Union City


Time to cut pork 

in government


To the Editor:

People outside the city limits lived without fire protection for decades and suddenly we must have it. At least that’s the way some think.

The bottom line is that if you live in the county — other than in a subdivision — and your home is on fire, the only thing the fire department will save is the foundation. If you live in a county subdivision, the fire department may arrive in time to save the house beside the one on fire. 

Those who live without close neighbors see all this as an unnecessary expense; we can save our own foundation.

Still, it seems we’re bent on having some sort of “fire protection” because a few just can’t do without it.

Finally, someone is actually calling rural fire protection funding a “tax.” That’s been my argument all along but others disagreed. They claimed the subscription was voluntary, all the while threatening to turn in those who didn’t subscribe to the insurance companies. 

For those on the committee and for the county commission, I have this to say to you: If we’re going to have a county fire department, let’s have a full-time county fire department backed by volunteers. 

Additionally, before we add another tax on the citizens of Obion County, find something to cut out or a tax to repeal. Let’s not add to the tax burden of the citizens.

I cannot overemphasize that all governments — city, county, state and federal — have overspent for decades and are now so deep in debt they can hardly get their noses above the water. Many have to use “creative financing” to survive at all. This, too, will drown them one day.

For those who don’t follow the economic analysis consider this — recently the federal government has been bailing out major insurance companies and banks. Now, the insurance companies are coming back for more and the automakers are begging for federal monetary help. Doesn’t this tell you anything?

We, the people of America, have been putting off the inevitable for the past few decades and now reality has smacked us in the face and we’re almost to the point of an economic depression.

It is time for accountability and responsible program management at all levels of government.

A county fire department sounds good. Can we afford it without adding more burden on the citizen? 

Can our officials find a better way to fund what is desired without adding another tax? Is there some social program we can do without that would pay or help pay for a “needed” program?

Committee, commissioners, Mr. County Mayor, it is time to either cut the pork or forget the seemingly necessary county fire department.

Glenn R. Snow

South Fulton
Published in The Messenger 11.12.08


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