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Daughters of 1812 holds executive board meeting

Daughters of 1812 holds executive board meeting

Posted: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 8:45 pm

The National Society, United States Daughters of 1812 Executive Board met in the new Memorial Library Oct. 12 with President National Charlotte Slinkard presiding. Mrs. Slinkard welcomed the board to the first meeting held in the new “1463” facility. Many decisions were carried out during this meeting concerning both houses at 1461 and 1463. The national board of directors meeting was held at 9 a.m. Monday, Oct. 13, in the national headquarters, 1461 Rhode Island Ave., NW Washington, D.C. President National Charlotte Slinkard called the meeting to order. Nona Quinn was appointed by the president to serve as parliamentarian pro tem in place of Irene Berg. Recording Secretary National Carole Thomas called the roll. Officers national present were President National Charlotte Slinkard, First Vice President National, Nona Quinn, Second Vice President National Frederica Lofquist, Third Vice President National Aline Roberts, Fourth Vice President National Virginia Apyer, Chaplain National JoAnn Killian, Recording Secretary National Carole Thomas, Treasurer Dr. Rynell Novak, Registrar National Lois Swan, Historian National Dr. Telia Cunningham and Librarian National Col. Linda L. Green. State President present were District of Columbia state president, Rebecca Kusserow; Georgia state president, Susan Lemesis; Maryland state president, Margaret Obert; New York state president, Mary Casper; Oklahoma state president, Donna Talley; South Carolina State president, Frederica Lofquist; Tennessee state president, Bettie Gustafson; and Virginia’s report was presented by Joann Killian. Honorary President National Shelby Ward was recognized. Mrs. Ward congratulated the society on the beautiful renovated Memorial Library and Museum. Trustees of the National Headquarters Endowment Fund present were Carolyn Drennen, Chairmen, Rebecca Kusserow, Charlotte Slinkard and Dr. Rynell Novak. A quorum was established and business was in order. The minutes of the April Board meeting were approved as printed in the News-Letter. President Slinkard expressed with sadness the death of Nettie Seagraves, Alabama state president, on Aug. 18. She also was Lineage and Historical Records Chairman National. Mrs. Thomas announced that the expenses of the cookbook, “Savor the Spirit,” has been paid and that future sales will be clear profit. Mrs. Thomas presented the first sales proceeds check for $500. Recommendations of the board of directors approved were 1) that the Kentucky Society, be permitted to sell through the 1812 News-Letter, the Kentucky 1812 Ancestor Roster 1903-2006 compiled by Ann Franklin selling for $10 plus shipping and handling. The fund raiser will support the Kentucky room at national headquarters; 2) that the Chalmette Chapter, Louisiana Society, be allowed to produce a pin honoring the Battle of New Orleans and be allowed to advertise in the News-Letter. The pin cannot be worn on the official ribbon. Mrs. Slinkard made the following announcements: (1) the executive committee unanimously voted to name the third floor in the new building 1463 the “Nona Thompson Quinn Suite” to honor and recognize Mrs. Quinn for her outstanding contributions to the renovation; (2) the executive committee unanimously voted to name the back room of the Museum Rooms, the Emma Hardy Slade Women’s Collection. Mrs. Slade served as President National for 18 yrs. and was probably the founding spirit of this organization. During her Administration membership grew from 75 members to 3,758; (3) The National Society was acknowledged in the Congressional Record on 23 September 2008. Headquarters was purchased in 1928 and the year 2008 marks the 80th Anniversary of its purchase. Jo Ann Emerson, from Missouri, paid tribute to 1812 with appropriate remarks on the House Floor; (4) Associate Council will be April 9-12, 2009, at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel. It is going to be a very special council as we make plans for the grand opening of the Memorial Library and Museum. Aline Roberts was appointed chairman of the Sunday tea at national headquarters. We have had 238 new members since April 2008 and 55 members deceased during this time. A review of the handbook with suggestions for possible changes was carried out by the executive board for several hours and is to be completed by Dr. Cunningham, chairman. The president national will take bids for repair of the back porch with money taken from the restoration of properties. Tennessee State President Bettie Gustafson led the group in singing the song “8,000 Redcoats Are Coming.” Chaplain Killian gave the benediction and the meeting adjourned. The officers work week followed Oct 13-17. Much was accomplished, and everyone enjoyed the camaraderie and companionship of working together. wcp 11-11-08


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