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Drug charges levied

Drug charges levied

Posted: Monday, November 3, 2008 12:31 pm

 The Messenger. 11.03.08

Drug-related charges were filed against a Martin driver and her passenger after Union City police made a traffic stop Saturday afternoon on East Main Street.

The driver, Mary Jovan Guiden, 28, of 1409 K St., Apt. A, Martin, was charged with simple possession of cocaine, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal impersonation and third-offense driving on a suspended license, while her passenger, Demetris Maurice Shearer, 18, of 1409 K St., Martin, was charged with possession of a Schedule II controlled substance (Hydrocodone) and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to Union City Police Department reports.

Police reported they were arrested at 4:55 p.m. in the 1700 block of East Main Street after an officer stopped a vehicle for an alleged equipment violation. The driver allegedly gave police a false name and “appeared nervous,” according to her arrest report, which also indicated that police received different accounts of where they had been and why they were in Union City after officers talked with the driver and passengers.

Police searched the vehicle after being granted permission from its owner. Officers reported that front-seat passenger Shearer had on three pair of pants, with the two inner pair having rubber bands around the bottoms and making it appear that the bands were there to keep something from falling out. Police had reported feeling a lump in the pants during a patdown.

According to the reports, police had Shearer remove a pair of pants and they recovered a clear baggy that contained several white pills identified as Hydocodone.

Police also recovered from Ms. Guiden’s purse a small container that contained a substance believed to be crack cocaine, as well as a plastic container that container razor blades and a cigar filled with marijuana, rolling papers, an item that appeared to be a cell phone that was actually a set of digital scales with cocaine residue, a crack pipe and several other types of drug paraphernalia, according to the reports.

Police also seized $297.50 from Ms. Guiden and the vehicle.

After  her arrest, Ms. Guiden gave police her true identity and allegedly said she had initially lied about her name due to her driver’s license being suspended, police reported.

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