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Winners only for prep guru

Winners only for prep guru

Posted: Thursday, October 30, 2008 5:51 pm
By: By MIKE HUTCHENS, Messenger Sports Editor

Winning isn’t everything.
It’s the only thing.
Paraphrased from the comments of legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi among others, the age-old adage is indeed the motto by which the Hitman lives.
Case in point: The game’s greatest gridiron guru dined recently at a five-star establishment and chose lobster as his selected seafood entrée.
Upon delivery of his main course, the sensational sideline soothsayer immediately noticed there was something missing from his specially-prepared dish of the marine crustacean family. When quizzed, a competent waiter informed the practically-perfect prep pigskin prognosticator that often while in the tank together beforehand, the invertebrates fight, causing one or the other to sometimes lose a claw.
Satisfied with the explanation but not the selection of his specific arthropod, the fabulous Friday football foreteller immediately pushed his plate away and emphatically demanded the following of his server:
“Then bring me the winner.”
The almost-always automatic augur devoured the competition again last week, a 22-3 (.880) final check bringing the season totals to 203-39 and a total of .839 on the way to a 22nd consecutive season of shattering the once-coveted .800 mark.
With his bill paid in full, the Hitman takes a look at this week’s menu.
See you at the games.
BRIGHTON AT OBION CENTRAL (Tonight) — The best part about the Rebels’ season being over is that they’ll finally be done with a murderous two-year schedule that has contributed greatly to their current woeful state. In fact, OC’s opponents have a combined .707 winning percentage, with six of those 10 foes state-ranked. Unfortunately for Central, the Cardinals have lost only to unbeaten 4A powerhouse Henry County and may be in the upper echelon of that list — despite missing starting QB Kale Jackson with a broken collarbone. And though his name will be on but the second of the Rebels’ consecutive winless season, first-year head coach Shawn Jackson claims he’ll turn the page immediately on the OC book that hopefully will provide better reading — and writing — in the future. — BRIGHTON.
SOUTH FULTON AT McKENZIE (Tonight) — As good as the Hitman’s homeboys were in the first six games, they’ve admittedly been that bad the past two weeks. Execution has been only half the Devils’ problem. Effort, or lack thereof, has been the real issue and has dragged up memories of recent seasons when the Redmen essentially threw in the towel in the final weeks. Rookie coach Kelly Spivey is adamant that won’t happen under his watch and, if his troops don’t heed his warning, they could get embarrassed by a Rebel club sure to be smarting after an upset loss to Lake County last week that likely cost McKenzie a home playoff game. And while a respectable 6-4 finish far exceeds the expectations many had before the season, SF regrettably will have to live with what might-have-been had it not gone belly-up over the last two Fridays. — McKENZIE.
GLEASON AT UNION CITY — One notable Tornado fan burned his Purple and Gold attire last year after the once-proud UC program was beaten by the smallest football-playing school in the state at Gleason. In reality, that local doctor should’ve been more alarmed that the ’Dogs’ convincing win over the Purple and Gold wasn’t a fluke. The Twisters’ fortunes have made a drastic turnaround since that nightmarish November night, but will surely be tested again by a formidable Gleason club that admittedly no longer fears the locals. Their once-identifiable swagger long-gone after a pair of pedestrian seasons, here’s a hunch the Tornadoes officially regain that strut by leaving their footprints in a trademark ‘Purple Stomp’ that they’ll celebrate in the traditional on-field huddle afterward. — UNION CITY.
In other games, it’ll be — Bruceton over West Carroll, Lake Co. over Greenfield, Milan over Westview, Haywood over Ripley, JCS over Dresden, Humboldt over Gibson Co., Dyer Co. over Crockett Co., Dyersburg over Covington, USJ over Trenton, Fayette Academy over Middleton, TCA over Halls, Manassas over Treadwell, Huntingdon over Adamsville, Camden over Waverly, Riverside over Houston Co., McNairy Co. over Fayette-Ware, Henry Co. over Hardin Co., Marshall Co. over Mayfield, Calloway Co. over Fulton Co., Lone Oak over Fulton City, Crittenden Co. over Caldwell Co., and Ballard Memorial over Reidland.


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