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Early voting brisk in Weakley County

Early voting brisk in Weakley County
Early voting brisk in Weakley County | Presidential Election 2008, early voting, Weakley County Election Commission

EARLY VOTING – Jack Hauhe of Martin early votes Wednesday morning making his choice for the next president of the United States.
Early voting is underway in Tennessee and Weakley County has seen a respectable turnout as constituents opt to get their votes counted early. After five days of voting, nearly 3,000 Weakley Countians have cast their votes in the upcoming election, with ballots including the presidential race and local races across the county. The only statewide race is Republican incumbent Lamar Alexander being challenged by Nashvillian Democrat Bob Tuke. According to Weakley County Election Commissioner Diane Cashon, there are 19,746 registered voters in Weakley County. She reports that voter registration is up. In 2004, 5,294 voters cast a ballot for the last presidential election. “I think we will surpass that number this year,” Cashon said. Ted Clark was voting early Wednesday morning. The Martin man usually works at the polls at Trinity Presbyterian Church on Election Day and said he wanted to get his vote out of the way. “I think it’s going to be a rat race this year,” Clark said. “We are going to be bringing out voters who have never voted before. Some of them haven’t even registered, before this election.” As for his personal views, Clark remained silent. “All I know is we need some moderates. We need people to learn to agree to disagree.” Cashon warned that early voting is a speedier process but wished to remind voters that campaign button and T-Shirts are not allowed past the 100 foot boundary at any poll, including early voting. “They are campaigning and they don’t even realize it,” she added. “No campaign conversation either within the 100 foot boundaries anywhere.” She said this included inside each building. Tennessee has nearly 4 million registered voters, including more than 360,000 who have registered for the first time this year. How these new voters will impact the upcoming election is yet to be seen. Both of the local partisan parties have also hit the ground running. John Haley, who was manning the Weakley County Republican Headquarter early Wednesday morning said he voted the first day. He says that he has sold countless McCain/Palin signs during his shift which is scheduled each Wednesday morning. “A couple of weeks ago,” he said, “I sold 40 signs within my four-hour shift.” Weakley County Republican Chairman said the GOP will continue with events until the November election. “We are still holding our Tuesday luncheons and will hold 6:30 p.m. speeches and a prayer service each week. On Nov. 4, the local Republicans will be at their headquarters on Lindell St. watching the returns beginning at 6:30 p.m.” Chairman Bob Bell of the Weakley County Democrats said the influx of new voters statewide is promising. “We can’t tell locally how many of those new voters will be Barack Obama supporters, but we are amazed at how well we believe we will do in the county and this state. We are very pleased and excited. He (Obama) has a lot of policies that have aligned, electrified, energized a lot of voters,” Bell said. “We are urging people to vote early to avoid long lines and the possibility of inclement weather on election day. It’s too important of an election to miss.” He added. The Democratic women are tentatively scheduled to meet at the Harmon and Lucille Civic Center in Dresden to watch early returns. According to the Associated Press, Middle Tennessee saw the largest increase in voter registration this year, and now has the most registered voters in the state with about 1.5 million, about 77,000 more than East Tennessee. West Tennessee has about 1 million. During the last election, only 4.4 percent of Weakley County’s voting populations showed up at the polls. This election may see a surge from years of dismal voter turnout. For those interested in getting their vote out of the way before Nov. 4, constituents can cast their votes at the Weakley County Election Commission located at the old Dresden Elementary School on Wilson Street in Dresden. Early voting runs from Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m until 6 p.m. with Saturday hours running from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. until Oct. 30. Election Day is Nov. 4.

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